Students VS. Staff Basketball Game

By: Violet Allgood and Amelia Kansa

And … SCORE! 3-pointer! This year, on April 15, we had our 5th graders perform a championship battle against the teachers in the annual Student vs. Staff basketball game. Every year the fifth graders play against the teachers in a basketball game. Also, there was a half-time show this year from the Holmes cheerleaders. This year some of the teachers that played were our very own
Ms. Jones, Mr. Finkbeiner, and so many more.
We asked some fifth graders how they felt after the game. “I felt like it was going to be a fun activity for both students and teachers as a way of bonding with each other before we leave for middle school,” says Natalia C. Roman P. said “The game was kind of boring because we only got a small amount of playing time.” Maya S also has an opinion. “The Student Staff Basketball game is one of the last times you'll be together with your grade, teachers, and former teachers to have a blast!”
It was a very exciting game but in the end the final score was 80-73 and the teachers had won. It was a very exciting game this year and teachers can’t wait for next year. Goodluck to you fourth graders!

School Store
By Iris W. and Lily H.
Thef2682b11-9ad6-4067-8128-7e09e83cd8e6.jpg school store is something that the school does once every month. Two students from student council from each class help set up and sell things for each grade. Teachers and some staff members will also help with the school store. The school store is usually on the last Tuesday of each month.Danny Barney said “ I think the school store is fun and cool because usually you can’t buy anything at school.” Items range from .25 cents to 5.00 dollars. So the first Tuesday of each month, make sure to bring your money!
Each grade can have the choice to buy something from the school store. Seniha said “ The school store sells things you need for school like pens and pencils and fun things like bracelets.” You will be called by class if you have money. Your chance to buy things from the school store happens at lunchtime. Remember, you are not allowed to browse around because there are many other people who are waiting to buy stuff too!

Also there are only allowed to be around six or so people at the table to buy things. You are only allowed to bring from one to ten dollars to the school store. Stop by for some fun items like scented pencils, awesome pencil sharpeners, highlighters, cool erasers, cute pencil cases, and other neat school items. Happy buying! :)

Science Fair!
Article by Amelia K. and Violet A.

Get ready, 5th graders! In April 2016, you will be showing off your science projects you have been working on. Let’s ask some 5th graders about how they feel on the topic of the fair. Ingrid V. thinks that the fair is a good idea, but the teachers shouldn't influence the decision of partner-choosing. Maya S. agrees with her that the students should have their way on this decision. Sonia G. thinks that it will be very fun, but is a lot of work, and Natalia C. thinks that it will be very exciting, but the judges will be there so it will be ‘sorta nerve-wracking’. We have learned much on this subject and are starting to work on our projects. We hope the events go well. Good luck to all of you fifth graders with your projects, and we hope you do well.

How to take Care of a Pet Cat
by Lily Hunt and Iris Willoughby

When you have a pet cat, you have to make sure they are not hungry. Some cats may need special food if they have health conditions, but most you can get one for cats who don’t have any health conditions. Some cats have to get food from their vets because they need special food.

Playing and attention:
First of all if you do not know cats love attention and playing. Cats usually like to play with string, you can buy these at pet stores like Petco®. Or you can make them at home, you can make them out of string, rope, rubber string, or rainbow loom. There are other toys like games with catnip. First get a stuffed animal, you can take out all the stuffing, then put catnip in it, the cat will then smell the and try to get the catnip out and have fun doing it.

What cats mean:
Cats have many signs that can be confusing, like when they move their ears back, it means that they either want you to pet them or they are annoyed and want you to stop. Also, when a cat moves just the tip of their tail, they usually are mad. If cats lick you, they are content and like you. Also, when they bite you gently then lick the same spot they bit, it is almost like a kiss in their world. When cats paw you with their claws, it actually means they are almost giving you a massage. Also even though it may not seem like it, but when they catch prey like a mouse or a bird etc. and put it in front of you, it means “thanks for all you do”

2015 Holmes Book Fair!By Maya Schwartz and Violet Allgoodimages.jpg
Books, books, books! On October 21-24 the annual Holmes Book Fair was in the auditorium! You could choose from a variety of books by scholastic book company. Some of the books include Minions, Pokemon Deluxe Handbook, Bad Kitty and Judy Moody. There are also many new posters such as a minion poster, many dog posters, and multiple posters that have Chicago sports teams on them. There were many cool pens and erasers for sale. Also, half of the money goes to the PTO for the school so it is almost like a charity event.

There was many new things there this year. First you were able shop online. If you were absent on the days of the book fair so you couldn't go, you could have shopped online from Oct 14 - Nov 3, 2015. Second, there was a raffle for teachers at the book fair. The winner got a $50 gift card to the book fair! Ms. Rigali was the lucky winner! This year since the theme of the book fair is monsters, kids could guess how many pom-poms are in a jar. If they got the correct answer, they got the jar and a $10 gift card to the book fair! There were two winner that won. Tracy W. (coordinator of the book fair) says, “Our financial goal is $13,000 of which 50% will go to the school. We will use the profits to buy books and other resources for the teaching staff.” Tracy got a large number of Spanish books, Multicultural books and Special Value books. Tracy W. also says, “We have set a goal of selling 2,785 books this year." After the book fair, they sold 2,743 books, which was 98% of their goal.

Overall, the book fair went amazing! By shopping at the book fair, kids helped put 2,743 books into the hands of students (that's over 490,000 reading minutes!). I liked the book fair because they had good books for all ages and interests,” said Nicholas H. in 5th grade. “ I like all the posters and all the varieties of books,” said Lily H. This year’s Book Fair was great and everyone can’t wait for next year!

Turkey Trot300_1826355-W.jpg
By Iris Willoughby and Lily Hunt

The Turkey Trot is a super fun day when the school gets exercise. The Turkey Trot is where the entire school runs around the school and field. Mr. Williams puts this whole day together, which took place November 2nd, this year. Holmes School has been the school with the most kids participating for a while. “I think that the turkey trot is a fun way to get exercise,” said Ethan Armstead.

Just remember “ When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.” The whole district does this program sometime in November. The purpose of the Turkey Trot is to have fun, be fit, and some people can win a gift card if they are the fastest girl and boy in each grade. "The turkey trot is a great thing for our school because so many people, including me, love to run," said Dior Tullberg. Sometimes Mr. Williams videos the first people to finish the fourth lap, so if you are the first girl or boy in your grade to complete your last laps, you can be on the Holmes homepage.
Trekkers Running ClubBy: Sylvia G. & Rebecca G.
The Trekkers running club is a recess activity that you don't have to sign up for. Every kid from Kindergarten to 5th grade can participate. You meet at the corner of the black top. You will see a couple of parents standing there. Some of these volunteers are Erma A.’s dad, Rebecca G.’s mom, John M.’s mom, and Brady O.’s mom.IMG_0059.JPG

Trekkers can walk or jog with friends during recess time.It is on only Mondays, so most people should be able to attend. Every week kids can earn popsicle sticks for every lap around the park. If we get enough popsicle sticks, we will have (figuratively) run across the U.S.A.!! So far we have a big bucket full of sticks. Sue G. (Rebecca’s mom) said, “I love running, because you get exercise, but you can also talk with your friends and have fun.” Erma A. said, “I love running with my friends- and dad -and I think the club is really fun.” “Paula Louis (Brady’s mom) said, “We started this club to get kids more active at recess. So far, this is working.”

Just remember, “Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.” -Dean Karnazes (author of Ultramarathon Man)*

*Karnazes, Dean. "Dean Karnazes Quotes." Dean Karnazes Quotes (Author of Ultramarathon Man). N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Apr. 2015.