Homework Helpers
By Alex Fliszar
Fifth grade students are allowed to tutor younger students! The program is an hour after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is done in groups of students and teachers. Also with pairs of older and younger students. If you are in third through fifth grade, and you have trouble finishing your homework at home, there is also a program to help you finish your homework after school. All this happens in the library.
These programs have happened in previous years and has continued to help students grow.
Many students have shown extreme growth in class after participating any of these programs. They get extra practice on what they have been learning in class, and students’ homework gets done.
When younger students finish their homework or don’t have any, there are games older students to help with difficult homework.
Any students who would like to sign up for these programs can go to the office for information, where they will tell you how you can sign up and when you can work with these First Graders!

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iPad Minis Have Arrived!

external image aYl2kNXpwT7jmhbtZ_NC_sIG9v6T2uxFbH7QxkOcVA4ubHfpMvt2LhoC32MrGk33KnPV0b_SO5XpbvjBqr2RUxIBuQ_kJ9acngzho4tnRv5MYK6-k-VPriZk4Q By: Sophie and Beguine

As you probably know, Ipads have come to District 97. They arrived on January 17! There are many advantages to having them. They could open a new way to learn! They are more personal than netbooks, but still from a cart. We have a big level of responsibility with them.

At the beginning of the year, teachers told us that this year, it would be a little bit different. We were getting our own Ipad minis that would be used strictly for educational purposes. Spreading to the 5th graders first and then going on to lower grades. Apparently, they were coming late November. However, as you know, they were not here. This is due to a delay in ordering. With lots of Ipads to order, you would expect a small problem

The ipads are so personal that they each have a sticker with your name and information on it. The cases are all the same and the rules are very strict. Some people believe we should have more freedom with them but we assure you that the only reason the rules are aggressive is to keep kids safe. When asked what he thought about the rules, a fifth grader Quinn said "Rules are reasonable because you shouldn’t be able to go to inappropriate sites."

Before we can actually use them, we need to know how! All of fifth grade including the teachers will have to go through an ipad mini ‘boot camp.’’ this will teach how to use them responsibly. The rules are basic and should be easy to follow.Unfortunately, if you disobey the rules your ipad will be taken away for a long time. So follow the rules, and have a blast with the new Ipad Minis!

As we learn more about the ipads we will earn the right to take them home. This would open up the door to doing homework on them! I know that might seem not really since it involves homework, but this gives us a new resource with better ways to practice. So look forward to a new way of learning with the Ipad minis!

Reading Olympics 2013!!!

By: Sophie Bessell and Beguine Beachamp
Smile For Books

It’s that time! Reading Olympics has started in District 97. We have many students participating. Librarians from the district picked nine award winning books.Once a year, every year 5th graders read the required books and then, in teams, answer very specific questions about them. The first competition was on December 4th

A 5th grader prepares, I would say by taking notes while you read the required books . If you win you go on to the next competition where you compete against winning groups from around the district .This competition is at the Oak Park public library . The first one takes place , at each school’s library.

Don't worry if you didn’t have a chance to compete because there is another opportunity in the spring. With brand new books! And, if that wasn’t enough there is also an ultimate competition with all 18 books from the past!
On December 4th, all Olympians met in the school library. The whole 5th grade watched as Ms. Manic read the specific questions to the ansy participants. In the first round of written answers, many teams were knocked down. There were only 4 teams left. The heat was on!

And the winners are…… THE TIGER STARS: Kyla, Alex, and Evie!
They are all from 5K. Congrats . They competed on 12/4 and beat the top 4 . Now they get the chance to compete against winners from all around district 97 . They all said they were nervous. I would be too is if the fate of Holmes was on my shoulders!

Picture Day

By Danielle Wolven

Do you like school pictures? Some people do, and some people don’t. Why do they wear certain clothes, and why are pictures important to them? Based on student interviews, about 75% of the people didn’t like the experience because they wanted to be able to see their pictures, or have multiple pictures taken, and then chose which one they liked best. Raghav Opal said, “I don’t like the big flash of the camera.” That is one of the many problems that people had.

Why do people wear specific clothes for pictures? Well a lot of people said that they wanted to look good, so they wore something special. Students have different reasons why pictures are important to them. For example, Emi Bernard stated, “If I have these pictures, then when I’m older I will be able to look back on a memory.”

So, in conclusion, remember picture day is about being different and saving the memories.
Opinions taken on October 10, 2013.

walk.jpgInternational Walk to School Day

by Raghav Opal
Every year International Walk to School Day takes place. This year almost 90% of Holmes School students walked to school.
Many people were excited for the day. Joseph Leshnock in first grade said, “I was excited because I wanted to have the biggest walking school bus.” Many people loved this exciting event. With the help of Mr. Williams and his crew, we made that day a huge success.
Surprisingly, kid and parent bonding time was a big part of this year’s International Walk to School Day. Many people talked to their parents, and spent time together. Natalia Contreras stated, “I enjoyed my time because I had great bonding time with my mother.”
When kids went through any gate they could get a stamp. Some kids couldn’t walk because they had no one to walk with. So kids had a chance to walk around the school, at recess, to get their stamp. After recess 98% of the school had walked that day.
If you walk to school give yourself a pat on the back. You just helped save the environment. Have fun