Holmes vs. PASHi. Our names are Jelena and Sadie Collins, and if you didn't already know this, you will now. We are currently in Brazil, in a six month stay here. This is because our mom got a job as a high school English teacher at a school here called PAS, or, The Panamerican School. While being here, we are going to the same school with her, and going to the elementary school section. The school here is US certified, which basically means that all of the curriculum that they use here is the same stuff we would be using at Holmes (except for Brazilian Social Studies and Portuguese and stuff). But although the curriculum is the same, it does NOT mean that the school is the same. This is...

Five Things that are Different from Holmes to PAS.

1 PAS runs on a six day cycle, meaning that if at Holmes, you have gym every Tuesday for example, here you might have it every E day. Basically, the six days are A, B, C, D, E, and F. So, your schedule might be this: Say it's a Wednesday. It is also an E day. You have gym today. It means that the next time you will have gym will be on Thursday next week, because if Wednesday is E, then Thursday of this week is F day, Friday the cycle starts over and it’s A day, the Monday after the weekend is B day, etc. through to another E day for gym on Thursday. This system is especially important to the high school and middle school teachers because they have switching classes. Say that at Brooks, the math teacher has the 7th graders every Friday for the last period. This is a very hard class to teach. With the six day cycle, the teacher would have the 7th graders every F day for the last period, but it wouldn’t always be a Friday. Isn't that smart?

2 PAS has a buffet at lunch instead of a decided and scheduled meal. This means that if you like one thing at the buffet, it will almost always be there. I also think that it is a good idea because if you are allergic to a thing -- lactose or gluten for example, you won't just have to skip the whole lunch. You can just eat the things that go with your restrictions. This buffet is also a good idea because you can make mixtures of the foods that you like together, whereas if you just have a meal that is just ready to go, with no changes, it might not be the way you like it. All in all, it is a good idea because there is more variety, and you are more likely to get a meal that you enjoy. The food here is also really fresh and usually (though not always) tastes good.

3Our school is not only elementary school, it is pre-school to high school! That causes a lot of changes in the school. But you might think wow PAS must have way more students than Holmes but actually they have less. Holmes has almost 600 students and PAS has about 400 students. But even with less kids it is much bigger. A much bigger gym, three, no FOUR gym teachers, two music teachers, one art teacher with an assistant, two librarians and an assistant, principals, one for middle and high school (Ms. Barbara) one for pre and elementary school (Ms. Annette). And a Director (Mr. Jeff) and all of them have counselors and secretaries, there’s a business office, maintenance people, cafeteria people, and even about 6 security guards, so all together PAS is very different from Holmes.

4The buses here are very different than at home. There is a company that the school hired to be their buses, and the man in charge is named Tio Miro (pronounced cheeo meeroh). Tio Miro translates to Uncle Miro, but nobody feels awkward calling him that, it's just his name. As you can probably tell, he is very nice and informal. Tio Miro is in charge of driving one of the buses. The buses also have more luxury than the ones at Holmes. They have padded seats, and feel more like an airplane than a school bus. The buses here are also smaller, so they fit less people. But that doesn't matter, because not as many people take the bus anyway. In fact, many of them have their own driver!

5The arrangement of the school is very different too. There are five floors! The bottom floor is underground, it has the garage for the staff parking and the science labs. The next floor up has the GINORMOUS gym and the music room. The one above that has the cafeteria, the playgrounds, the art room, the counselors offices and the staff room. The one above that has the lobby, the preschool rooms, the kindergarten rooms, the high school rooms for English, Portuguese, and Math, the middle school rooms for English, Portuguese, and Math, Mrs. Lisa's office (the high school's counselor,) and the principal for middle school and high school. The next floor has the two first grade rooms, the two second grade rooms, the two third grade rooms, the two fourth grade rooms, the two fifth grade rooms, the library, the pre and elementary school principal, the Portuguese department, and the elementary Portuguese teachers including OUR teacher Ms. Mariana who we see every day for PAL (Portuguese as Additional Language).

I hope you learned some cool things about the Panmerican school and maybe even some things about Brazil! Thank you!

beijos!! (our mom made us put that in -- they always say that here... it means, kisses...)

-- Jelena & Sadie

Holmes Spelling Bee

By Sadie L.
spelling b fyi.jpg

Who’s the best at spelling in your grade? You’ll have the chance to find out if you participate in the Annual Holmes School Spelling Bee! Every student will get a list of 50 or so words to study. Then, each homeroom will have a spelling bee. There will be 2 winners from each room and an alternate, in case one of the winners are not at the full grade spelling bee. Then, on April 29th, there will be a spelling bee for each grade, so be there that night to see who will win! It’s so exciting!
Alex, a 5th grader at Holmes who will be participating in this year’s spelling bee said: “It’s fun to participate and see who’s the best at spelling.” So there you have it, with the Holmes School Annual Spelling Bee!!

Trekkers Running ClubBy: Sylvia G. & Rebecca G.
The Trekkers running club is a recess activity that you don't have to sign up for. Every kid from Kindergarten to 5th grade can participate. You meet at the corner of the black top. You will see a couple of parents standing there. Some of these volunteers are Erma A.’s dad, Rebecca G.’s mom, John M.’s mom, and Brady L.’s mom.IMG_0059.JPG

Trekkers can walk or jog with friends during recess time.It is on only Mondays, so most people should be able to attend. Every week kids can earn popsicle sticks for every lap around the park. If we get enough popsicle sticks, we will have (figuratively) run across the U.S.A.!! So far we have a big bucket full of sticks. Sue G. (Rebecca’s mom) said, “I love running, because you get exercise, but you can also talk with your friends and have fun.” Erma A. said, “I love running with my friends- and dad -and I think the club is really fun.” “Paula Louis (Brady’s mom) said, “We started this club to get kids more active at recess. So far, this is working.”

Just remember, “Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.” -Dean Karnazes (author of Ultramarathon Man)*

*Karnazes, Dean. "Dean Karnazes Quotes." Dean Karnazes Quotes (Author of Ultramarathon Man). N.p., n.d. Web. 09 Apr. 2015.

Spring Edge Classes
By: Sylvia G.

Spring is here and it's time for some new edge classes! Edge classes are after school mini classes you can sign up for. They are not normally about things that you learn in school. Also, they are optional, meaning you are not required to participate.
Some of the edge classes are.... Robots, Little Bits, Sports, NASA, Lego fundamentals, and many many more. Edge classes are not only fun but it also can be very educational!
Robotics is one example of a great class. In robotics you learn all about technology and even get to build robots. Sadie L. in 5F said, "In Robots we are building a robot that is sensitive to touch and sound!"
Another example is an Edge class called NASA. In NASA, kids can learn about all sorts of science, space, and creativity. They get to build and experiment with all sorts of things. One of the things you can do is build your own rocket.
Drawing is another phenomenal example. The kids get to experiment with lots and lots of different techniques and styles. Also, you get to experiment with many drawing utensils. Fatma in 1H said, “Drawing helps me learn how to draw and I want to be an artist when I grow up so it really helps.”
Edge classes are an extremely fun activity for Holmes School! Make sure to sign up for one of these enjoyable edge classes next year!!!!!!

Student Staff Basketball Game
By: Alex K. and Rebecca G.

On Friday, March 20th, a very big event for Holmes Elementary occurred. It was the Student vs. Staff Basketball game, and the Staff won. The score was 89 to 85. It was the closest win (or at least one of them) in the history of Student vs. Staff basketball games. Here are some of the highlights:

  • In the last few minutes, the game was tied, until the Staff managed to pull ahead.
  • The students scored at least one 3-pointer.
  • The half time show- a 4th grader named Shayla T. did some really great back handsprings and other tricks!
  • The players- everyone did an AMAZING job!
  • The last quarter- it was a real intense 6 minutes.

Before the game, the players commented on which team they thought were going to win. Alison Mieczkowski said, “I think we have a good chance of winning because we have an athletic 5th grade. However, the teachers do have a height advantage on us.” Sadie Lyons commented, “I think the students are going to win, although it is going to be hard because the staff are really good." Emi Bernard agreed, "I think the students have a small chance of winning but it's pretty possible."

The staff were very happy that they won. Ms. Circo said, “I think that this year’s game was very exciting because usually when the last team goes in, the game already has a pretty clear outcome. That wasn’t the case with this year.” Also, the students really gave the staff a run for their money.

The Chick Challenge
By: Nora H. & Kathy V.chickwithegg.jpg

Do you want to donate your money to an important cause? Well, this February the 5th graders are going to sell paper bead bracelets at the school store! Don't you want to help kids in Uganda get money to buy chicks for their community? Here's how you help, first each bracelet costs $2, so you bring $2+ to the school store in February, Susanna says, “It’s good that we are helping people in a different country!”, “I think the Uganda project will be a big success!”, says Joanna. One hundred percent of your donations will go to the kids in Uganda.
We are trying to raise $500, maybe even more, the other $500 will be raised by kids in another school. Alexandra says, “I can’t wait to buy the bracelets!”, “I think it is cool that they are making the bracelets with other countries technique!”, says Lucy. Every homeroom class time, we make bracelets for Uganda. From this time, many get produced for out Uganda cause.
With your help we can help the kids in Uganda get food. Only you can make a difference in Uganda! Help today, it will be greatly appreciated. Even two dollars counts!
Basketball Hoop Fundraiser
external image Yn8NehMgpmmw9cvJyW8t8cmsLef4-7wDiLpckezVav4ngOWtjIj5pKj64j7BgbV-FEPasUJFzyoeT6VQMC6-IZMNMZIKlK_Vf3aukmokCIK6Wp9Mo5rWuwyiXV02E5PE_A

by Rebecca G. & Jelena C.

Holmes School is collecting box tops for a new basketball hoop on the blacktop! Box tops are little paper cutouts on the top of boxes of food. They are typically on cereal boxes, granola bar boxes, butter boxes, milk cartons, and much more. If you look closely, they’re everywhere! So the next time you see a box top, cut it out, and donate it to the basketball hoop fundraiser!

The Boxtop basketball hoop fundraiser is collecting box tops to get a new basketball hoop. “Basketball is a game that can’t have endless players like four-square, football, or soccer.” Ms. Kitto sad, “Basketball doesn’t have a lot of space!!” This is why she thinks that there should be a new basketball hoop. “This fundraiser is most likely going to be successful, because unlike getting money, which can be used for other things, boxtops don’t have any purpose, other than to donate.” said Ms. Kitto. There are about five hundred kids at Holmes so, (here’s a math problem for you) if each box top is worth ten cents, and a basketball hoop costs roughly 1,000 dollars, how many box tops do each kid need to bring in? The answer is 20. That seems like a lot, however if everyone pitches in it really isn't that much. Besides, everyone gets food, don’t they?

Ms. Kitto thinks that the fundraiser will be successful. She said: “I am confident this will happen!”
Third graders, Addie, Maxine, and Sean, all have opinions about this topic. Maxine and Sean both agree that we should get a new one. Sean said, “The old one is not that good, so there should be two.” Maxine said, “We should get another one, so if you want to play two different games at the same time, you can. Also, you could play more basketball.” Addie, however has a different opinion. She said “I don’t think there should be another hoop. When go outside, there aren’t that many people playing basketball.” She thinks we should collect box tops, but use them for something else. One thing they all agree on is that we should all bring box tops in for our school.

School Store
By Lauren K

The school store is now open for business. You can buy lots of fun things like scented pencils, pencil sharpeners, mini notebooks, cute pencil cases, erasers and some special items! The new items this year are styluses and Japanese erasers! Items can cost between 25 cents and 5 dollars. If you want something for 5 dollars that's all you can get because the limit of money you can bring is 5 dollars. The money you spend will go into the school's savings. Open sign.jpeg
Rebecca Gutierrez, a 5th grade representative say school store is, "an exciting way to buy cute things that are cheap and school related."
Lane Ledogar, a 3rd grader, also likes school store because,” they have good school items.” If you want to go, Mr. McCauley will call your table to go during lunch since the store opens right outside the lunch room. You must have your money with you to go to the school store. "It's going to be much better this year,” Rebecca said. So if you want really good items at a low cost come to the Holmes school store!

Dates the School Store is Open:
  • April 7
  • May 5

Fall Carnival
canstock13450222.jpg By Erma A. and Caelyn P.
The Fall Carnival was on the 27th of September. Most of the games were on the blacktop here at Holmes. The director, Naomi Katz, said, “The Fall Carnival is for all the students to get together.” She told us that it looked like kids liked it. Four third graders, Lane Ledogar, Tara Wicklow, Shakira Hunter and Miracle McGee attended the carnival.

“My favorite part was the cake walk because you can win cakes and cakes are yummy,” said Lane. Miracle also liked the cake walk. Tara said, “I liked the taco truck because the tacos were really good and they are awesome.” Shakira's favorite part was the dunk tank because they, “dunked Ms. Hackmiller.”

Tara has been to the Fall Carnival before and she liked last year’s better than this year’s.“I won the cake walk last year and this year I didn’t.” On the other hand, Shakira thought this year was better since, “There were more games to play this year.” “This is my 4th year directing and this was the biggest one. We added new things like the derby races and the obstacle course and a few more games,” said Ms. Katz.

“I would rate the carnival an eight because it was really fun but lots of work. We had just over sixty volunteers and about fifty were adults. I thought the games were really fun,” states Ms. Katz. Her favorite part was seeing the kids pick out their prizes. Miracle and Shakira both agreed that it deserved a ten because there were so many new things to do. The Carnival was definitely a success and should happen again next year.

Intermediate & Advanced Chess Club
By Luke L.

external image w20p40q.jpg
Hey kids, looking for a blast after school? Did you know that you can learn and have fun at once? Go to chess club after school! If you’re wondering who is running these activities here’s who coordinators such as Mr.Grace and Ms.Circo.
People who join these chess clubs are members from past years and people enjoy the sport. Playing Chess with friends is very relaxing and fun.
“Chess club is fun and relaxing. I joined Advanced in second grade. Since then I have always had fun,” says Henry from third grade. Advanced Started Oct. 1 Intermediate started Oct. 28 in Ms.Circo’s room.
People who want and can learn the game and to compete with players in the school and in the (district advanced.) People sign up every year and have fun, therefore they do it again. So come join us at the after school program.

Walk To School Day
By: Alex K. & Erma A.

Walk to School Day has come and gone on Wednesday, October 8th. You may be wondering what Walk to School Day is exactly. It’s an event to create better and safer walking and biking routes and increasing the importance of getting exercise. It also promotes safety and is fun. If you participate you will be one of many.
Five-thousand schools from all fifty states are participating, along with adults and children from forty other countries. “ I enjoy walking to school.”,Willa Aumann said. I like it better than driving.” Lane Ledogar agreed that she liked walking.
Other students shared their opinions as well. Ella Reynolds told us it was important.
Mr. Williams told us that he thought it was, “the best walk to school day ever for Holmes.” walking-man-black-hi.png

Congratulations to Maya Schwartz who was the first walker. There were also bikers, skateboarders, and other walkers who did a great job too! People walked to school in walking school buses which are groups of students who walk to school together, and are either parent or student led. if you didn’t walk, there was a walking program during lunch, so students could get their exercise. If you walked to school, know that you made a difference for your health.
Click Here for Images!

IPads By Micah G.

external image aYl2kNXpwT7jmhbtZ_NC_sIG9v6T2uxFbH7QxkOcVA4ubHfpMvt2LhoC32MrGk33KnPV0b_SO5XpbvjBqr2RUxIBuQ_kJ9acngzho4tnRv5MYK6-k-VPriZk4Q
Alert, alert, alert! Throughout District 97, students are getting access to new technology, mainly the new iPad minis. Grades 3 through 5 are getting their own iPads for school work and to take home for homework.But K through 2 have a few Ipads available per classroom. So far grades 4 and 5 are able to take their iPads home, but 3rd graders were supposed to take them home at the end of October but the date got changed.

Because the world is becoming more advanced in technology, schools are changing curriculum. For instance, handwriting isn't emphasized as much, and kids are learning to type. Everyone is using less paper, and using tech more. A long time ago most people didn't learn how to type, but now everyone is using computers and technology more. Schools think because of the quickly growing technology, people should learn how to type.
Teachers are using technology as well. Each teacher has there own IPad, Apple T.V., smart projector or Smartboard, and computer. For instance, teachers can share on google drive or post on Edmodo instead of sheets of paper that have a possibility to get lost. Schools are trying to use less paper to be better for the environment and more technology is a great way to start using less paper because you could type a paragraph instead of writing.
Ms. Conway said that, there was a total of 257 kids who needed to have their IPad minis set up, so it was a lot of work to set all of them up. Ms. Conway also said that, the schools didn’t have to pay for the IPads, and that the school district has a technology budget which covers for IPads.” IPads make learning more fun/ interesting”, said Seth ( a third grader), and Ms. Conway says that she feels that they are helping as well.

Ms. Conway thinks the IPads were challenging to use at first, but now they aren’t as much. Seth, (a third grader in Ms. Peronto’s class) disagrees in that sometimes when there are a lot of steps to get somewhere on the iPads it can be difficult. Seth also said that he is a little afraid that his IPad will break, but Ms. Conway has said that only 2 or 3 screens have broken. So now you know the deal with the iPad.