Falling for RapunzelBy: Leah WilcoxBook Review by Lucy
This is a poem from a book Lucy W From 2P read and enjoyed.
Once there was a prince who found Rapunzel

He called, “Princess! Let down your hair!”

She thought he said, “Your underwear.”

“No my queen,” he said, “your golden locks!”

She threw down dirty socks

“HEY!”, he said, “I’m done!”

And that was that.

He was gone.

Mighty Robot!By: Dav PikeyReview by: Justin S.

Have you ever heard of Captain Underpants? Well, if you you have, this is another awesome series by the same author, Dav Pilkey. It is about
mouse.jpga young mouse, Ricky Ricotta, who has the same routine everyday. Get bullied, bullied, go to school, and have his Dad tell him that one day something BIG would happen. It didn’t come for a loooooong time. You see, Ricky was very small, and because of that, he was bullied very often. Until one day, an evil scientist tries to take over the world with his giant robot! What happens? Will Ricky have to obey the
mad scientist? Or will something BIG finally happen?
__http://www.pilkey.com/pdf/dav-pilkey-bio.pdf__ As the author, Dav Pilkey said, “And if a silly, smart-alecky goofball like David Pilkey can turn out O.K., then there’s hope for Ricky."
Find out what happens next in Ricky Ricotta’s Mighty Robot!

Ant and GrasshopperBy: Luli G.Review By: Ruth Z. and Breanna H.
Ever wonder what happens to bugs during the winter? In Ant and Grasshopper it tells a story of how an ant saves up everything for the winter. The grasshopper doesn’t prepare for winter and has to get help from the ant! The illustrations show the ant wearigrasshopper.jpgng spectacles and and the grasshopper playing a fiddle! Do you think ants wear spectacles? Danaysha G. says,”I like how the ant and grasshopper worked together.” Read Ant and Grasshopper to find out what happens and why Danaysha thinks it’s so good!

My Favorite Book
By: Martin

cat.jpg My favorite Books, The Garfield Series, is a colletion of random Garfield comics. It is about a cat named Garfield, a dog named Odie, and a human named John. Garfield likes to kick Odie off tables, torture John, eat, and sleep.

D is for DemocracyBy: Elissa GrodinBook Review By: Ruth Z. and Breanna H.
Ever wonder what it would be like to have so much knowledge of USA facts? Well, now you can know, just read D is for Democracy at your local library. D is for Democracy is a book in alphabetical order with a bunch of cool facts about the USA! Want to know what the bill of rights are? What does it take to become a citizen? How do you become president? I learned all that info just by reading this book! First things first if you want to become president, you must be at least 35 years old, a natural born citizen, and you must have been a resident of the US for at least 14 years. You have to fit those before you can even think about running! Running a campaign is quite difficult. First, you have to do the primaries and caucuses, then you have to go through with the national convention, then you wait for the general election results to come in, finally wait for the results of the electoral college, then you hope you win! Find the answer to all these questions and more in D is for Democracy.



POP!Invention of Bubble Gum!By: Meghan McCarthyBook Review by: Ruth Z. & Breanna H.
Ever wonder how bubble gum was invented?! Pop! is a book about the first bubble gum was made! Guess what?! Pop! is actually a true story! In Pop! It is about a man named Walter Diemer who was a young accountant in Philadelphia in the 1920s. The factory was trying to make a new kind of gum because regular gum had been around for ages. He thought “What if gum chewers could blow bubbles?!” Walter saw there wasn’t much progress in the laboratory. One day while he was watching, his boss told him to watch one of the kettles containing a gum experiment! If you want to know what will happen next you should read the book! Francesca F. says, “It’s cool how bubble gum was invented.” You will think Pop! is great too! (FYI: Pop! is a Monarch Book!)



Just Like YouBy: Robert KroupaBook Review By: Ruth Z. and Breanna H.
Ever wanted to read a sweet story about making friends and being different? Well, Just Like You is almost exactly the same! It’s a sweet partly sad story about a spider who has a leg that doesn’t move and it’s also about the spider’s best friend, a mouse who is deaf. They are made fun of, and don’t fit in. Annica from Mr.Dolan’s class says, “ The mouse couldn’t hear and the spider couldn’t spin webs like the others.” Also, Nevaeh said, “ The author this book to stop teasing.” Read the story to find if they will ever make other friends and live happily ever after!