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By Jack M.

What is Pokèmon?
By: Spencer Bell

Date Created: 2/3/16

Introduction: What is Pokèmon? You've probably heard from somebody or might even know the name Pikachu. You may watch the TV show or even play the games. You might have a relative that adores the series. Some people in the world are Pokèmon experts and know almost every secret of the franchise like TheJwittz, TyranitarTube, and the Unlistedleaf. However you know it, Pokèmon has dominated a piece of gaming, and has been one of Nintendo’s most popular games.

The Trading Card Game: The Pokemon TCG (Trading Card Game) is a main factor in the Pokèmon franchise as a whole. With the TCG, you can battle or trade with friends and family or with another person, and you might make friends. For each new generation of Pokèmon games, they come out with at least 3 sets of it. It uses Pokèmon cards that vary in rarity. The rarest ones are Secret Rares. You can identify a Secret Rare card because of the card’s gold outline. Some sets don't have Secret Rares but rather have rare EX Full Arts. EX Full Arts are full art versions of EXs which will be explained later. EX Full Arts, are the 2nd rarest cards in sets. They can be the rarest if the is no Secret Rare in the set. Then there are Mega Evolution cards. They are called Megas for short and are the strongest cards in the game. Lots of people want them, so if you want a lot of people wanting your cards, have a Mega collection! The next rarest cards are Full Arts. Full Arts are the non-EX version of a EX Full Art. Full Arts are pretty powerful and have a card full of art. The next cards are Breaks. These cards are new and the picture is a golden version of the regular Pokèmon. They are supposed to be add-on’s to a regular card like Chesnaught or Raichu. Then, we have regular EXs. EXs are stronger versions of a regular card and are the least rare, rare card. Most have good art and do a reasonable amount of damage. Next, there are Holographic cards. Called Holos, (not halos) you can tell you have a Holo when the art on a card shines a little. Last, (and the least) we have Regular Rares. These cards don't deserve that much attention. They are sometimes OK cards and are used to fill up decks for battling. They are the least rare cards to get in the “rare slot” of a Pokèmon pack. Trevor R in 5th grade says about Regular Rares, “They're bad cards and are always guaranteed in a pack.” Finally there are common cards which are in every pack. Some cards are are not Pokèmon and are Full Arts or Secret Rares. If you want to find out more, get a pack and you might get one! Some YouTube channels like the Unlistedleaf are based around the TCG. There are even world competitions that the most skilled trainer will win a card that sells for a lot of money, but nobody would sell such a prize! In all, The Pokèmon TCG is a huge part of the Pokèmon franchise.

The Games: The Pokèmon franchise started with the very first games, Pokèmon Red and Blue, which were unlike any games thought of before. What basically happens is you start of by selecting your gender and name, then you start your journey by getting a starter Pokèmon. What happens before you get your starter Pokèmon varies depending on which game you buy. From Red and Blue to X and Y, it varies what happens. What the main goal for you as a Pokèmon Trainer, is to quote on quote, “Become the very best like no one ever was.” Although, there is a sidestory to all the games. Beating the evil organization who wants to do something evil. In Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal, the organization is Team Rocket. In ORAS, Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, the evil organization is either Team Magma or Team Aqua, depending on the game. In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, the Evil organization is Team Galactic. In Black, White, Black 2, and White 2, the evil organization is Team Plasma. To finish it off, in X and Y, the evil organization is Team Flare. While you are fighting them, you will be getting badges. Badges are what you need to challenge the Elite Four. If you want to find out more about them, get a game! Once you beat the evil organization, you continue your journey, beat the Elite Four and champion, and the credits roll. You've finished the game but want more. Pokèmon does that by making it that you can continue playing even after you become champion. Instead of saying “The End. Game Over” it lets you continue playing. Hank Mickus says,“They're cool, and awesome.” about the Pokèmon games. Another thing to do is to catch Legendary Pokemon. What Legendary Pokemon are, is that they are genderless Pokemon (usually, not always. *cough Latios and Latias *cough) that there is only one per game. They are strong and would make a great addition to any team. In the games, usually Legendary Pokèmon are found after beating the Elite Four and champion, but in the games you catch the main Legendary Pokèmon in the middle of the game. For example, in Pokèmon Y you catch Yveltal in the middle of the game. Then you beat Team Flare with your Yveltal. Ever since Black and White, you had to catch the mascot of the series. You had to catch Reshiram and Zekrom, you have to catch Xerneas and Yveltal, and in Sun and Moon, it might be the same. Some people don't exactly like this feature. The Pokèmon games can be endless, but it will get boring after a while. That is why you can restart your game from the beginning and play it again and again and again. It gets even better when you have the Pokèmon Bank. This takes Pokèmon from your PC in the games and stores them online. It can really help if you want to complete the Pokèmon. The Pokèmon games are truly incredible, and the next installment will be Pokèmon Sun and Pokèmon Moon which will (hopefully) be the best games yet! In short, the Pokèmon games are incredible and fun, so keep on catching ‘em all!

The Pokèmon TV show/anime: The Pokèmon TV show is different than any other part of the franchise. It features around a young boy, with the name Ash, who is 10 years old and on a Pokèmon journey. He wants to become a Pokèmon master and travels through all regions to do it. The latest installment is Pokèmon XYZ, a follow up to the show Pokèmon XY. He catches Pokèmon, he plays with Pokèmon, he trains with Pokèmon, he creates humor with Pokèmon, and much more! He challenges gyms and gets their gym leader’s badge. Just like in the first games, Ash battles Team Rocket. Unlike the games, he only battles a team of three, Jessie, James, and their talking Meowth. Also, Ash always battles Team Rocket even with the other teams fighting him too. For example, in Pokèmon XYZ, Ash is battling Team Flare, but he is also fighting Team Rocket, who is much less of a threat. Also, Ash always meets new people on his Pokèmon journey. In Kanto and Johto he was joined by Misty and Brock. Hoenn was with Brock, May, and Max. Sinnoh was with Dawn and Brock. Unova was with Iris and Cilan. Finally, Kalos was explored with Serena, Clemont, and Clemont’s little sister, Bonnie. He has had his friends to help him all throughout his journey. Ash while wanting to become the master doesn't rely on leveling or techniques to win his battles. He goes in and fights anyone in his path with his Pokèmon. Ash is truly an inspiration to young Pokèmon master to-be’s.

Pokèmon 20th Anniversary: 2016 is the 20th anniversary of Pokèmon! To celebrate, the Pokèmon company has added a lot of new stuff to the franchise and still will be until the end of 2016. The first thing that was added was the new Pokèmon set, Pokèmon BREAKpoint. This set included new cards that were pretty cool, like new Breaks, but nothing compared to what there was to come. The next thing they revealed was the Pokèmon Red and Blue remake sets. When they were introduced, they were called Pokèmon Generations booster packs. They were unlike any other set, not selling normally. There will be an explanation in a little bit. At the same time as Pokèmon Generations, the Pokèmon Company introduced the Mythicals set. They were boxes that included a Full-Art in each box for each month. It included two packs which were the Pokèmon Generations packs. So far, (when this is being written) only two boxes have come out: (these are what I like to call them) Mythical Mew and Celebrating Celebi. The next to come out are Jumpy Jirachi and after that, Mysterious Manaphy. (still when this was written) There are also the new Pokèmon Red and Blue boxes that include four Generations packs, and the Full-Art. So far, only the Charizard one has came out. (when written) Next will be Blastoise, Venusaur, and then a Pikachu one. Even though all this may sound incredible, there is more. Last year people and the Internet supposedly found leaks for Pokèmon Solar and Lunar. Then, this year, the Pokèmon company officially released, not Solar and Lunar, but Sun and Moon. Everyone went crazy with this news. Simon R in 5L says about Sun and Moon,“I can’t wait for NEW STARTERS!!!” The game will be finished and buyable this year, on November 18th. It is the Alola region based off of Hawaii. All of that is very cool, but the number one thing everybody is talking about for Pokèmon in 2016 is Pokèmon GO for the iPhone. What it is, is it's Pokèmon in real life. You can catch Pokèmon, train Pokèmon, battle Pokèmon, anything you would do in the games you will be doing in real life. Nobody had any idea of what this was going to be except the Pokèmon company itself… Until a few days ago. (at the time being)On the Internet there is a video of leaked Pokèmon GO data. What happened, is that a press conference was happening in Japan about Pokèmon GO. Someone who is unknown took a video of the conference and, BOOM! Posted to YouTube. Again, people went crazy. So far, that is all we known. If you want to find out more, watch the video on YouTube. That is all Pokèmon has officially said are going to come this year. Pokèmon Z, a sequel to Pokèmon X and Y, was thought to come out this year, but didn't. Now no one knows when Pokèmon Z is going to come out, or if it will come out. It is a mystery. All that, is all about the 20th Anniversary of Pokèmon from start to finish. From the Generations TCG set, to the games, Sun and Moon.

Conclusion: In Conclusion, Pokemon is a fantastic franchise if you are a gamer. It has great games, a great TCG, and TV show. This article gives almost all of the basic information on the Pokemon franchise for any Pokèmon fan. It is truly, one of Nintendo’s best games and any gamer should play it.

Pokemon Fates Collide.jpg

By: Spencer Bell and Simon Ruff

Pokemon Fates Collide is a new Pokemon TCG set that finally includes Zygarde. (an unreleased legendary that was thought to have its own game but didn't.) The set has 5 new BREAKS (including Lugia BREAK) and 3 new mega evolutions. It includes 2 Battle Decks: Battle Ruler (including Zygarde) and Sky Guardian. (including Lugia)

CardsThere are 125 cards in the English version, and in the Japanese version, there are 88. The four booster pack arts is Mega Alakazam, Lugia BREAK, Delphox BREAK, and Zygarde Full Form. The new Megas are Mega Alakazam, who I have already said, Mega Audino, and Mega Altaria. Mega ALakazam and Mega ALtaria have Full-Art versions. The new BREAKS are Delphox BREAK, Lugia BREAK, Omastar BREAK, Carbink BREAK, and Bronzong BREAK. There are 10 EXs like Zygarde EX as said in the intro. Kyle E says,“I really want that Zygarde EX!” With the Full-Arts I already mentioned, there are 10 Full-Arts in Fates Collide.

If You Have Zygarde-EX, Carbink BREAK, and Regirock EX
First, with Regirock-EX on your Bench, all of Zygarde-EX's attacks will do 10 extra damage because of the Regi Power Ability. Then, give Zygarde 1 Strong Energy, and play Carbink BREAK. Use Diamond Gift and give the 2 Strong Energies to Zygarde .For each one attached to Zygarde-EX boosts attack damage by 20. For maximum damage, attach the Power Memory Tool Card to Zygarde-EX and KO the opposing Pokémon with the All Cells Burn attack,—with three Strong Energy and Regirock on your Bench, this attack will hit for an enormous 270 damage!
Get Your Hands On aBooster PackThere are a few ways to get your hands on a booster pack. You can but regular booster packs at stores like Target, Gamestop, and others. Or, you could do these other ways. You could buy an Elite Trainer Box, Booster Box, and other little things. If you don't know, a booster pack contains 10 cards in which there are 8 regular cards, a reverse card, and the rare card. The rare card can range from a regular rare to a Secret Rare. There are lots of ways to get a booster pack for any Pokemon Fates Collide.

ConclusionPokemon Fates Collide is one of the best Pokemon sets out there, right next to Generations, Base Set, and others. It includes some amazing cards, like Mega Alakazam EX and Lugia BREAK. It also includes never-before seen cards, like Zygarde EX and Mega Audino. Trevor R says,“It's awesome. Period.” about Fates Collide. Fates Collider is a truly cool set.

A YouTube Channel

By: Trevor Raymond and Spencer Bell

Introduction: Do you like YouTube? Do you like Pokèmon? If so, then we have a YouTuber for you!The Unlistedleaf (Or Ando as his fans call him) is one of many Pokètubers on YouTube. A Pokètuber is a person, who’s YouTube channel features Pokèmon. The Unlistedleaf is a mostly a Pokètuber who opens Pokèmon Trading Card Game booster packs. If you want to find out about some of the rare Pokèmon Sets he opens, We would recommend the FYI article “Pokèmon Sets You've Never Heard Of” to find out more information. Besides opening booster packs, the Unlistedleaf does other little series that almost no one else does. Let’s find out what they are

#MMM (#TripleM): #MMM is a series that Ando has been doing for a long time. What happens is his fans send him mail and he opens 4 packages that catch his eye. He still opens the other ones, but only 4 will make it into #MMM. Just so you know, #MMM means Mail Man Monday. #MMM just makes that shorter. If anyone sends him pictures he puts them,on the wall, or he puts them in the house of pictures.

#AskAndo: #AskAndo is a series where Ando answers questions that his fans ask him on Twitter. One time he did an impression of a Pikachu! This just goes to prove that the Unlistedleaf is truly hilarious. Ando’s Twitter name is “Ando!” so start asking. Posts with the most votes are the ones that Ando will answer.

Ando Tries: Ando Tries is a series that is relatively small series in were Ando tries certain foods that seem strange to him. Sometimes he tries Japanese food or American food and he reacts to them

(Pictured-->)Mr.Stanley:Mr.Stanley,Ando’s trusty Swiss Army Knife,who also appears in #MMM is awesome! You will see Mr. Stanley opening packs,and having fun with Ando in many episodes.

CrystalFissure:Ando’s friend CrystalFissure or Andrew is another youtuber who seldomly appears on Unlistedleaf is a first-class youtuber.CrystalFissure has awesome videos but is not an Poketuber. He appears in Ando’s music video “Rollin’ Like Meatballs”,and an #MMM video. Also, he is almost always there at the end of any of Ando’s “Deck Wars” so keep a look out for him!

Quotes: Nicholas Henry, a former Pokemon fan, says, “I think that being a youtuber that features Pokemon could be cool if you could pull it off.”
Pokemon Fan Rohan says, “The Unlistedleaf’s videos are good and one thing I am excited for is Pokemon Go.



Anderson, Michael. "UnlistedLeaf." YouTube. YouTube, n.d. Web. 04 Feb. 2016.

CrystalFissure Andrew. "CrystalFissure." YouTube. YouTube, n.d. Web. 04 Feb. 2016.s

Unlistedleaf Youtube




Thanks to these two great youtubers!

See you around school

Spencer and Trevor signing off


Pokemon’s new Sets and Sets You’ve never Heard Of

by Trevor Raymond and Simon Ruff


These sets are in Japan and one in the U.S. and the others will hopefully will come to the U.S. Pokemon Z is not released yet along with Pokemon Solar and Lunar set. This article is meant to get you hyped for the sets we are talking abou.Hope you learn something and maybe get a Legendary Shine booster box or two. ;-)

Pokemon XY8 Breakthrough (Trevor)

Pokèmon XY8 or Pokèmon XY Breakthrough is featuring the new "Break" evolution cards. Chesnaught, Raichu, Zoroark, along with a Mega Mewtwo X are just some of the epic new cards like parallel city. This set has been released in Japan. This set is very much like Team Magma vs. Aqua being in Japan it is Red Flash and Blue Flash. It has been released U.S. For even more info I recommend

Pokèmon Z (simon)
Pokemon Z is a new Pokemon game. It's coming out in 2016 and it takes place in the Kalos region as an addition to X and Y. the pokemon creators made the new legendary Zygarde which has 5 forms: cell form, core form, 10% form, 50% form and full form. The only way to get the full form is to mix Zygarde 50% form, Xerneas , and Yveltal. Also, you can catch zygarde in X and Y but he is only in his 50% form. For more info you can watch Tyranitartube the YouTube channel with your parents permission or you can read the other article Pokemon z also on FYI.

Legendary Shine Collection (Trevor)
Ever heard of it? A short Japanese mini set consisting of twenty-seven cards with a full art or EX pull in mainly every pack. Featuring an new Pikachu EX card this set may-or-may not come to the U.S. This set is guaranteed in an booster box to complete the whole set. The common cards even look pretty beautiful having a radiant collection look to them. This set also has created new full arts, like Palkia non EX full art, and Latias, and Latios non EX full art. This set has come to the U.S, or at least the cards have come in the form of an new set called the “Legendary Collection”.

Credits to: for Legendary Shine and XY8 Breakthrough info. ideas wiki for pokemon lunar and solar info pokemon z latinopost/ .../everything-know-far-pokemon-z-here info


Pokèmon Z
By: Simon Ruff
and Spencer Bell

Have you ever heard of Pokèmon? Have you ever heard of Pokèmon X or Y? Did you know there will be a sequel? Enter the region of Ampardo, and discover the secrets of Pokèmon Z!

Pokèmon Z is a new Pokèmon game coming February 2016 as a sequel to Pokèmon X and Y. Unlike its predecessors it takes place in the region of Ampardo (created after a city in Spain) and includes new Pokèmon! This new exciting new generation of Pokèmon comes with new evolutions of older Pokèmon like Muk and Dennene, and it includes new Eeveelutions (Eeveelutions are evolutions of of Eevee a special and liked Pokèmon) like Titanion, a Steel type, Drageon, a Dragon type, Lileon, a light type, and Alieon, a Cosmic type. This new game also includes 5 new legendary Pokèmon! If you don't know, Legendary Pokèmon are rare Pokèmon that usually are very hard to catch, and you only have one chance to catch it. In a total, there will be 45 new Pokèmon, including new Mega Evolutions at a total of 33 new ones including Mega Hydreigon, Mega Dragonite, and Mega Butterfree! This new game also 2 new types, cosmic and light, that change a lot of Pokèmon typings to balance it out. One new typing, is that Grass is super effective against Thunder or the other way around.

This new game features the legendary Pokèmon Zygarde, who, although he was in X and Y, he was a mysterious legend who had no purpose. But, know we have a new game and many mysterious about it will be solved. We have yet to see all the forms of Zygarde, why Zygarde exists, does Zygarde have anything to do with Mega Evolution, how does Zygarde fit in with Yveltal and Xerneas, the questions could go on and on.This new game will solve many mysterious that many Pokèmon theorists have been questioning. One huge question that a lot of people are asking is, why is Zygarde in X and Y? Was he there to get us ready for Pokèmon Z? Was he visiting Kalos? Why was Zygarde there? One thing we can find out about it is that Zygarde is the Order Pokèmon who controls the ecosystem. What we can guess is that Zygarde was visiting Kalos because something in the ecosystem went wrong. What went wrong, is now the question. Hopefully Pokèmon Z can answer these questions.

Here are some things people have said about Pokèmon Z. Pokèmon Fan Teddy says, ”It is hopefully going to be a very cool game and I am very excited to play it!” Pokemon Fan and collector Trevor says,”It is going to be a very cool game, I can’t wait to see the graphics and Humminggo!”

websiteAll info found from this website. We have no absolute proof that all this will be in the game.
(This is a digital game for the Nintendo 3Ds and newer.)

We hope you enjoyed!