Hawk’s Nest

By: Isabel Stickney

holmes hawk.jpgHawk Nest is a new whole-school event that Holmes is doing. All of the school, once a month, goes to an assigned classroom and does activities with their teachers and students. Hawks Nest is a good way to meet with other students, and become friends with others in the same or different grades. Although some people have positive and negative feeling for Hawks Nest, this is a good way to have a good environment with everyone in the school.
The students of all grades are mixed together so that their are about 2 of each grade in a class. The teachers and students for their first Hawk Nest, were told to make a team name.
Most students like Hawks Nest, here are some students with positive options on Hawks Nest.
Olivia Baty, grade 5, who has Ms. Jaros for her teacher, says,”I kind of wish I was with some of my friends and I knew more of the people in my group, otherwise it was still fun.” Her Hawk Nest team name is Jaros’s High Flying Hawks.
Rosalyn Hamza, Grade 1, who has Ms. Quintero for her teacher, says, “I think it is fun and it is fun to work with other students. My favorite thing is the games we play.” Her team name is Quinstereo.
Other students have a more downward liking of Hawks Nest. Here are some students with more negative liking towards Hawks Nest.
Cade Molina, Grade 5, who has Mr. Williams for his teacher, says, “I think it is boring and I think they could make the learning a bit more fun. It is fun to work with other students but sometimes it is hard because sometimes we are standing there normally and the kindergarteners and first graders are just running around all crazy and stuff. My favorite thing was playing games at Mr.Williams in the gym.” His team name is the Williams Birdies
Maribel Stickney, Grade 3, who has Ms. Fourman for her teacher, says, “It is fun but sometimes it gets boring because no one talks. It is fun to work with other students, and my favorite thing is decorating our poster”. Her team is the Fourman’s Fourteen Wonders.
To conclude, Hawks Nest is a great way to make new friends and learn more about each other.