Travel Team

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By Mike Lupica

Danny Walker may be the smallest kid on the court but he’s the best. Danny walker dreams of being on the town’s basketball travel team (The Vikings) just like his dad (who plays on the Warriors). But the only problem is that he is too small to make the team. Luckily, Danny’s father (Richie Walker) has a plan to create his own travel team named the Warriors. But when Richie Walker is sent to the hospital right before the Vikings play the Warriors Danny is now coach. Will the smallest kid in town become the biggest? Find out by reading Travel Team By: Mike Lupica.

The Mysterious Benedict Society

Book By: Trenton Lee Stewart
Report By: Ellie B. Matoka

Sticky, Kate, Reynie, and Constance go on an extraordinary adventure to stop Mr. Curtain from taking over the world. You wouldn't expect these four very different children to get along. Constance is the short and cranky one, Kate, the adventurous one, Sticky, the smart one, and Reynie, the curious and smart one. But in the end they all become good friends. The four students are sent as secret agents to find out more information about
Mr. Curtains idea to takeover the world. Will they succeed or not in the first book of The Mysterious Benedict Society? I recommend this book for 3rd through 5th graders.

Sky Raiders

By: Brandon Mull

Book Review by : Kathryn Matoka

Have you ever imagined another world? An in between world? For Cole Randolph this in between world is a reality. On Halloween, Cole and his friends decide to explore the scariest house in town. Things take a dangerous turn, however, when Cole's friends are mysteriously sucked away into another realm and Cole feels he has no choice but to follow them. They land in a magical land called the Outskirts. Made up of five distinct kingdoms, the Outskirts are entwined in the dangerous and complex art of magic. After being taken into custody, Cole is brought to one of the five kingdoms, Sambria. There, Cole meets many friends and together they must face all odds, including overthrowing an all-powerful king. Once you come to the Outskirts though, it can be very hard to leave. Sky Raiders is great for 4-5 graders looking for an action-packed, intriguing, heart-warming read.
Brandon Mull is the author of Sky Raiders: Five Kingdoms, and many other exceptional books. According to him Five Kingdoms has “a lot of the fun of Fablehaven and a lot of the discovery of new things like Beyonders has.” If you’ve read those past series you know that makes out for an adventurous, page turning, heartfelt novel. In a prior interview Brandon Mull explained how he came to write Five Kingdoms, “I wrote Five Kingdoms partly because of an original image of a salvage operation that was pillaging things from floating castles in the sky. I then started to design characters who could live in this place and create the problems characters would be facing. With Five Kingdoms the story just kept growing and growing.” Overall Sky Raiders and the entire Five Kingdoms series is a great read for 4-5 graders.

To learn more visit:

Review by: Sonia Gutierrez

Do you love magical books with dragons and wizards? Then this is the book for you. When Septimus Heap, seventh son of a seventh son is born and declared dead, his father, Silas Heap finds a little girl with stunning violet eyes. Silas brings home the girl to his wife Sarah and they name her Jenna. Jenna grows up in a lively family of six boys, Simon, Sam, Edd, Erik, Jo Jo, Nicko, and their dog, Maxie. On her 10th birthday, when Madam Marcia Overstrand, Extra Ordinary Wizard, comes, saying who Jenna is and that she’s in danger, Jenna’s life changes forever. Jenna embarks on a journey with Marcia Overstrand, Silas, Nicko, Maxie, and mysterious Boy 412, from the Young Army. Can they find out who Boy 412 really is and can they save Jenna before it's too late? Find out in Magyk by Angie Sage.

I recommend this book to fourth and fifth graders looking for a good read. Magyk is the first of seven books in the Septimus Heap series. Kathryn Matoka, a fifth grader that has read the first three books says,”I think that it is an exciting adventure that will keep readers interested until the very end. I liked it because it had intriguing characters that I could connect to.” Maya Schwartz, another 5th grader that read Magyk says,”I really liked the book and now it’s one of my favorite books. I think that if you liked Harry Potter you would like it.” The second book of the Septimus Heap series is called Flyte.
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Banned and Challenged Books Week

By Maya Schwartz and Amelia Kansa
Banned, challenged, tossed out, gone. This is what has been done to many books in libraries all over the world. On the week of September 28, people will be celebrating the freedom to read. Luckily, no books have been taken out of our Holmes School Library. In some libraries, officials have walked in and simply said, "You may not have these books in your library." Some books that have been banned are Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Captain Underpants, the Lorax, and many more. Most books were banned because they were too violent or they were not appropriate. Some parents thought that certain books like Captain Underpants caused children to have bad manners or simply was a bad role model.

Different books were banned for various different reasons. Captain Underpants was banned because people thought that is was inappropriate for children. The Hunger Games was banned because people thought it was too violent. Harry Potter was banned for witchcraft and because people thought that it advertised consorting with the Devil. The Lorax was banned only in one library. It was banned in a town in California where the main industry was lumber. The book was banned because they didn’t want the children to think that it was bad to cut down trees, and that their families were bad people.

How sad would you be if someone took some of your favorite books out of the Library so that you couldn't read them? 5th grader Natalia C says, “I disagree with the banning of books because kids should be able to enjoy and read whatever they want.” She thinks that if people want to take books out of libraries, they are overprotective. Ingrid V says, “Some books may be banned because they may not be called, 'school appropriate.'"

Here is a map for all the books that take place in an actual city. You can click on the little markers to read the review of the book.
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The Island of Dr. LibrisBook by: Chris Grabenstein
Book Review by: Alex K.

In Chris Grabenstein's book, The Island of Dr. Libris, Billy Gillfoyle is spending the summer in a cabin rented from the mysterious Dr. Libris. It’s pretty ordinary, well, except for the security cameras. Soon after arriving, he discovers a private bookcase that belongs to Dr. Libris and begins to read the stories inside. He can hear the stories happening, depending on which one he opens. And all of the book’s sounds are coming from the uninhabited island of Dr. Libris. But if the island is empty, then who is making those sounds? Will he find out the truth about Dr. Libris and his island? Read The Island of Dr. Libris by Chris Grabenstein to find out. Lauren Kocheny, a fifth grader, enjoyed this book. She commented, “I thought it was really interesting because it incorporated a lot of stories." Caroline Lever, a fifth grader, said, “I haven’t read this book yet but it sounds super interesting. Especially when the stories come to life.” Alison Mieczkowski, a fellow fifth grader, said, “This book was really good and it was really interesting. I especially liked the part when Billy thought he was going crazy because he heard the stories coming from the island." I would recommend this book for kids ages 8+ and The Island of Dr. Libris can be found in the Oak Park public library.
  • Mieczkowski, Alison. "Book Review." Personal interview. 30 Apr. 2015.
Lever, Caroline. "Book Review." Personal interview. 21 Apr. 2015.
Kocheny, Lauren. "Book Review." Personal interview. 21 Apr. 2015.

Timmy Failure Mistakes Were MadeBook By Stephen Pastisby Micah

Timmy Failure is about a boy named Timmy Failure who has a pet polar bear named Total and together they make the detective agency, Total Failure Inc.

They must solve cases before there rival Corinna Corinna (A.K.A. the evil one) steals the cases. He must tough out school, Corinna Corinna, an idiot best friend, an overly-attached classmate, and the theft of his mother’s segway!! The segway Timmy was never supposed to use is missing and he must find it before his mom finds out what has happened. “The best part is how stupid Timmy seems,” said Hamish. (A fifth grader who read the book.) Hamish also said, “ I rate it four and a half stars out of five.” Jack Mitchell who also read the book said, ”I love how funny it is.”
To find out who stole it and what happens next read: Timmy Failure Mistakes Were Made. The reading level could be advanced first grade up. For people younger than an advanced first grader consider having a parent read to you. You could get the audiobook, that's suitable for anyone from the library. This is the first in a series and all the books in the series are at the oak park public library.

Goeden, Hamish. "Questions about Timmy Failure." Personal interview. 11 May 2015.
Mitchell, Jack. "Questions about Timmy Failure." Personal interview. 12 May 2015.

Heir Apparent Book Review Review by Lauren Kocheny
For Giannine’s birthday her dad got her a gift certificate to Rasmussen’s Gaming Enterprise, the awesome virtual reality video game system. There are way too many ways to die in the game she chooses, Heir Apparent. When the system is damaged Giannine has no choice but to complete the game in time or die. Alex Kocheny, says she “liked the book because Giannine has a weird way of looking at tough situations.” Erma Aumann said, “I’m really excited to read this book because I’ve heard amazing things about it.” Read this book by Vivian Vande Velde to find out if Giannine can defeat the dragon, answer the dwarf’s riddles, find the magic ring, defeat the barbarian army and live to see another day. Vivian Vande Velde has also written Dragon’s Bait and Smart Dog.

Kocheny, Alex. "Interview for Heir Apparent with AK." Personal interview. 8 Apr. 2015.
Aumann, Erma. "Interview for Heir Apparent with EA." Personal interview. 8 Apr. 2015.

FablehavenBy: Brandon MullBy: Alison M. and Cole H.
Fable Haven.jpgKendra and Seth were sure that this summer was going to be horrible. After their parents have to go on a special cruise, they have to go stay with their grandparents, whom they’ve never met before. They were sure that it was going to be boring. But then, Kendra and her brother Seth discover a secret that can change the world. They find a book that says on the last page: drink the milk, But their grandparents tell them not to drink the milk. In fact, everyone there is acting suspicious. So one day, Seth goes into the forest to see what the big deal is. And that’s when things get crazy.“Best book ever!” said Caroline, a fifth grader.
“It was exciting, and I liked the butterflies with the mirror,” said another fifth grader, Vivian.
Find the rest out for yourself in the amazing book, Fablehaven by Brandon Mull!

Almost HomeBy: Joan Bauer
Review By: Lauren K. and Rebecca G.

Almost Home.jpegSugar Mae Cole is a fifth grader. She was born, her mom told her “to bring sweetness into the world.” When she becomes homeless, almost loses her mom, and has to move away from her inspirational teacher she doesn’t know if she’ll make it. Handing out sweetness becomes hard when she needs some herself. Her world is turning upside down and she can’t seem to do anything about it. When she starts communication with her teacher again and helps Shush, a puppy in need, things start to look up. Will all this be good enough to find her a new home? Find out in “Almost Home” by Joan Bauer.
This book has multiple good reviews. For example, Alison M. said “It was a good book and I will definently read it again!” Sadie L. also said that “it was a heartwarming and awesome book. I love it! I also love the dog, Shush!”All in all, this is a great book and we highly recommend it to everyone!

The Hunger Games Book ReviewBy: Suzanne CollinsBy: Kathy V.
Are you looking for a long exciting action book that constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat? Then the Hunger Games is perfect for you! This story is about a young girl named Katniss Everdeen that takes her sister's place in the 74th Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is a contest w
here tributes from each district fight to the death in a arena against all odds until one lone victor remains. Katniss has to fight against many other tributes and other things, sickness, hunger, thirst, wild animals, mutations, and gamemaker attributes. The only problem is, the games have just started and so is the spark of rebellion. Annabelle quotes, "The Hunger Games is a interesting book and I recommend it to older kids." Jennifer also quotes " The Hunger Games is a thrilling story." Read The Huger Games by Susan Collins to find out more.

The GiverBy Lois Lowry
Written by: Natalia C.

In The Giver by Lois Lowry, Jonas is a normal boy in a perfect society. There are no bad things, no war, pain, or fear. One day, Jonas is given an unusual and special job. This job includes experiencing what others don’t. True life, with the good, and the bad. The Giver holds all these memories, and now he has to pass them on with Jonas. What will Jonas do with these memories? If you like adventurous books, this book will be great for you. This book can be found in many bookstores, libraries, and is alsoavailable as an eBook. If you enjoyed The Giver, you might want to check out Gathering Blue, Messenger, and Son, the other books of The Giver Quartet. In these books, you meet new characters with different stories. I highly recommend The Giver to boys and girls ages 10 and up!

The Cavendish Home for Girls and BoysBy Claire LegrandReview By Sonia G.
In the Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls, perfect Victoria is surprised that she’s friends with Lawrence who doesn’t even tuck in his shirt. Even though
Cavendish.jpgthey are completely different, she is worried when he disappears. She also notices Lawrence isn’t the only one to disappear. Other misfit kids start disappearing. Find out what happens to Victoria when she goes on an adventure to find her only friend Lawrence.
If you like mysteries you should try this book. “This is one fantastic book, and I loved it from cover to cover.” Those are the type of things people are saying about this book. I greatly suggest reading it.
(Claire Legrand also wrote The Year of the Shadows , Winterspell , and The Cabinet of Curiosities. Find her website at )

Keeper of the Lost CitiesBy Danielle W.Author: Shannon Messenger
Sophie has always been a freak. When she was five she hit her head, and everything changed. She got these abilities that she couldn’t explain, and then one day she found out why.
Keeper of the lost cities.jpg
Sophie was an elf, and not the kind that works for Santa. She was brought to a new world where she learned that someone had created her for a reason, and given her special talents. They would send her clues, and tell her to do things that were illegal to the elven world, and most of the things she did were said to be impossible.
There are secrets in Sophie’s mind that the wrong people want… secrets that people would kill for. In the Elven World there are crystal houses, goblins, telekinesis, and so many other unexplainable things, that you’ll have to read it for yourself to believe.
Reading level: 5 and 4 grade. Not located in the Holmes library. Available at the Oak Park Public Library. Viewers said, “It was captivating from page one.”

Guinea DogBy Patrick Jenningsby Malea N.
long-haired guinea pig.jpg
Guinea Dog is about a boy named, Rufus, who wanted a dog, but his mom got him a guinea dog, named, Fido. His grumpy dad who hated everything, wanted to return Fido to the pet store, Petopia. But good for Rufus, Petopia completely disappeared overnight. At first, Rufus was unsure about Fido, but then when Fido started to act like a dog and even SAVE Rufus, he had second thoughts. One day, Fido had somehow followed Rufus to school, and during recess, Fido came running across the field towards Rufus while chasing the boys! Midwest Book Reviews said, “A great book for Tweenagers and older!” One reader on Amazon said, “This book is actually inspiring! It made me get a guinea pig!” Will Rufus keep Fido? Or will all be ruined for Rufus? Find out by reading Guinea Dog!

And if you liked Guinea Dog, read,
Guinea Dog 2, and
A Very Merry Guinea Dog ( a short story!)

The White DolphinAuthor: Gill LewisBy Danielle W.
She’s a clue that mom’s out there. Mom left us a year ago, with nothing more than a penny, and to make things worse, the one place I know I belong could be gone forever if I don’t stop the Evans. They are the reason that I don’t fit in at school, and they could be the reason for the destruction of the reef. I need answers. But all I have is a clue.
external image 106_929115-T.jpg

Felix needs help too. He’s an outcast at school, and no one will talk to him. I admit, his features are not the most attractive ones eve
r, but his personality is an inspiration. When he moved here neither of us were happy with the situation, and though at first we override with jealousy about each other, we bond over what our lives would be without the reef.
This dying dolphin could lose its home, and I need a connection if I’m not going to give up. Everyone says that she won’t come back, but I know she will. Mom wouldn’t have left us if she didn’t have a good reason. There has to be a way to hold on to hope, and to save another world.

How far will Kara go to do what’s right? Will she ever uncover the mystery about her mom? Are she and Felix willing to risk their lives for this? I agree with the viewers when they said,“Sweet and sad might just mix”. Anything can happen in the ocean.

(If you are an animal lover, or a person that loves drama then I recommend this book to you. It’s about Kara’s hardships, and how she and her family face these problems.)

(You can find this book at the Oak Park Public Library. This book is at an appropriate reading level for 3-5 graders)
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H.I.V.EBy: Mark Walden
When Otto Malpense devises a scheme to keep his orphanage in business he gets caught by a person in black and gets knocked out. The scheme was to hypnotize the mayor and make him forget that the orphanage needs to pay their tax.When he wakes up he finds himself in a helicopter with another kid whose name is Wing Fanchu. They are then dropped at a academy for for resourceful kids to become villains. Otto is chosen by the headmaster Dr.Nero because of his scheme.With help from 3 unlikely friends will Otto escape? What will become of him if he doesn't? Read this book to find out.
external image SC6SVK1bQYIXUTx2OHD3IBbphahPqFo4BJtDQtwUljWQcsplJtYmhciGk0IQSUBzAcYmvP-XWGkPmZ8XNagCKpA_vta9VsmSNVpUvFhetz7wY5fUWRmy-TXllQ
Some memorable quotes: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself," Otto replied. "Oh, and a megalomaniacal headmaster, the world's deadliest assassin, giant mutated plant monsters, an international cartel of supervillains, and the security forces of every country on earth, but other than that...just fear.” “Life at H.I.V.E. may have its attractions after all, Otto thought. Friends, as they say, may come and go, but high-powered laser weapons are forever.”

I Am Number FourPittacus LoreReview by: Will V.
John Smith, his pseudonym, has never stayed in a town for more than a couple of weeks. He has never known safe. John and his protector Henry have come from the planet Lorien, a faraway world that has been taken over by Mogadorians, evil aliens that have attacked and destroyed their home. Nine of them escaped from destruction. Each is numbered one through nine ... and hunted down in that order! And as number one is killed in Malaysia, number two in
I am number 4.jpg
England and three in Kenya, number four, John, gets worried. He has always been safe as someone like him can, knowing that there were people to be killedbefore him. But now they must be especially cautious as they move down to Paradise, Ohio. In Ohio he meets Sam, an alien freak and Sarah, a photographer who becomes his new crush. The Mogadorians continue to pursue him and his new friends Sam and Sara. Unknown to John, the Mogadorians are nearby, blending in as normal people and as John makes new friends, they continue to destroy the Mogadorian Empire, and find the truth about his past. Will he make it out alive? Some people have said these things about this book. ”This amazing story“ makes you never want to stop reading. Check out this “fantastic” book at the local bookstore orat a nearby library. Other people have said, “This is a great 3/5 star book.”

The Mysterious Benedict SocietyReport by Will F.Trenton Lee Stewart
The Mysterius.jpeg
Reynie is a smart and clever kid. Okay maybe a really smart and clever kid, by that I mean a really really smart and clever kid. Reynie is also an orphan. After mastering the 8th grade curriculum, he is assigned a special tutor, Mrs. Perumal. One day while sharing tea with Mrs. Perumal he reads this article exactly in the newspaper “ARE YOU A GIFTED CHILD LOOKING FOR SPECIAL OPPORTUNITIES. is an ad for a gifted children test! After a bit of encouraging he goes for the test. Very little pass, in fact only 4 pass and Reynie is one of them. With his new friends Sticky, Kate, and Constance, each of them having an unique special ability, Reynie thinks outside of the box and is the leader. Sticky remembers everything he does, reads, or sees. Kate is the most acrobatic person around, and Constance resists everything. Which doesn’t sound like a great ability but you will understand everything soon enough. For Reynie, he discovers threats and secrets by the ton. He will make many friends and enemies throughout the story, while on a life threatening mission to save the world from an evil scientist. Find out how this book unfolds and whether or not the “Mysterious Benedict Society” are strong enough to overcome the smartest evil scientist in the world, by finding it at the Oak Park Public Library or the holmes school library. A couple reports prove how great the adventure actually is. “ It is hard to believe that it is up to the kids to save the world which is one of the great things about this book” “This book is one of my favorite novels, I like how the kids are always up against the worst threat you can imagine!” “Reynie is awesome he always finds the trick to the question or the answer to the mystery, he always puts two and two together in a way you hadn’t ever thought about before!” As you can see this is a great successful novel that you will almost definitely love!

The Lord of the RingsAuthor J.R.R. TolkienArticle by: Will F. and Matthew
Awesome Dinner.jpg
Frodo, Sam, Pippin, and Merry. Four young hobbits living in the peaceful shire. Their destinies call on them to go on the most unlikely journey ever. For, hobbits are not the traveling or adventurous kind. Frodo who lives with the famous adventurer Bilbo Baggins is about to receive something so powerful that it could corrupt his wonderful mind. One very special day the wizard Gandalf, an old friend of Bilbo’s brings troubling news. The ring Bilbo carries is something much more powerful than anyone thought. For this is not a mere normal ring, this is the Ring of Power! The One Ring was forged by the dark Lord Sauron in his dark dominion,at the corner of Mordor, Mount Doom. Gandalf forces Bilbo to let go of the ring and have a peaceful life. Bilbo reluctantly lets go of the ring, but Gandalf has bigger plans, he gives Frodo the ring and joined by his three companions, he sends them off to destroy the ring at the worst place possible, Mount Doom! With trouble arising, billions of orcs or marching from Mordor. Will they survive or will Middle Earth be destroyed forever! Find out by reading this trilogy, (I also advise reading the hobbit which is the prequel to the series.) Here are some people that loved The Lord of the Rings series and what they had to say. Someone answered, “I really liked how the story played out.” Another person answered, “The story never had a point where it doesn’t have action, you will find it to be the best fantasy novel of all time.” Finally someone said, “ Yes it is a bit boring at the starting, but it will turn out to be great and interesting!” As you can see this book has high ratings and great reviews will you read this wonderful book and find out what happens?

The Lightning ThiefNovel By: Rick RiordanArticle By: William F. and William V.
Percy is just a normal boy living with his mom, until one day on a field trip to a museum, his teacher Mrs. Dodds tries to kill him. Percy is now released into a whole new world that his mom has kept from him. He finds himself running from a Minotaur, with his friend Grover who is really a satyr, to a safe haven called Camp Half Blood. At the camp, Percy learns that he is a Demigod, the son of a god, in fact all the people in Camp Half Blood are Demigods. Percy meets Mr. D the camp director, Annabeth a fellow camper, Luke, the leader of the Hermes cabin, and Chiron who posed as Percy’s Latin teacher, Mr. Brunner during his school year. But even though he is surround
ed by Demigods, Percy is still left out, for he hasn’t figured who his father is. One day, during a game of capture the flag, Percy finds the flag by a small stream. But
Clarisse, one of the daughters of Ares the War God, and one the best fighters in camp, is guarding the flag. She attacks Percy with her electrical spear and Percy is wounded. Then he stumbled into the stream and his wound instantly heals The next day, Grover tells Percy that Chiron wants to talk to him. Percy follows Grover to the Big House where Chiron is waiting. Chiron tells Percy that Zeus, the god of thunder accuses Percy of stealing his lightning bolt. If Zeus doesn’t get his lightning bolt back by the solstice there will be a very bad war between the gods. Chiron offers Percy a quest to get Zeus’s lightning bolt back. Join Percy on the thrilling adventure to prove that he isn’t guilty!
Here are some people that have stated how much they like this book. “What was your favorite part of the book” “When Percy cut off Medusa’s head!” “Who is your favorite character ?” “Percy because he is daring, brave and has a good a humor.” “Do you recommend this book for young readers?” “Yes I would because my whole
family absolutely loved it.”I would give this book 9 out of 10 stars because it is a great book. The style that this author writes in is both funny and exciting at the same time. Reading this book makes history fun and encourages you to research Greek myths. You can find more books in this series at the Oak Park Public Library and the Holmes School Library.

THIS WAY COMESBy: MathewNovel by Ray Bradbury

Do you like carnivals in Autumn? Don’t you just love the crisp Autumn air, the fun games, and the pretty colors of leaves twirling in the air. Well for these two boys ( Will Halloway and Jim Nightshade) that’s not their case. Once a carnival comes to town these two boys find out that it’s not entirely normal. The
This way comes.jpg
carnival’s leader Mr. Dark finds out about Will and Jim and how they know his dark secret. After a couple of weeks of having the carnival Will and Jim start to see some scary changes such as adults disappearing and turning into kids. Then Mr.Dark makes it his goal to capture Will and Jim. The author of this book is Ray Bradbury. To read this mysterious book and find out Mr.Dark’s secret find it in your local library or bookstore. I give this book 10/10 stars. P.S Remember to read quickly or Mr.Dark will find out that you know his secret and come to get you as he did to Will and Jim. These are some comments people have made about this truly bone chilling novel. “This novel does a fantastic job of exploring some of the fearsome most unforgettable delights of Autumn”. “This novel combines fantasy and horror in an attempt to analyze the true natures of good and evil”.”This novel on a rate from 1-10 would be an easy 10"l find this out they tell their parents, but of course they don’t believe them. Now Will and Jim are terrified and they don’t know what to do to escape the tight clut

Rangers ApprenticeBy John FlanaganReview By Will F.
Will is just a normal orphan boy living in the Warden, but he knows the biggest day of his life is coming up. The day he will learn what the rest of his life will be about. Little does he know that his talent will bring him to the job he would least expect. Castle Redmont holds an event called Choosing Day every year. This is when the 14 year old orphans from the Warden come before the Baron who is the leader of the castle and works for the King. Then the Baron calls in the different masters: Kitchen, Battle, Horse, Riding, Scribes, and Courier. The 14 year olds then state their choice. Then the masters say either yes or no. Will has always wanted to become a knight. There is only one problem; Will is small. He may be agile, but he probably won’t be big enough to be a knight. On the choosing day as Will suspected he is turned down when he asks to become a knight. He asks for his second choice, then he is also turned down. A mysterious figure steps out of the shadows. It’s a ranger!! Most local people say Rangers use magic for they can blend into their surroundings like they were never actually there. The Ranger produces a note for the Baron. Will finds out that the ranger will accept him as an apprentice! How can he refuse? The rangers learn of approaching danger an many secrets will have to be uncovered. Join Will on this amazing fantasy novel through unimaginable dangers and unbelievable secrets. You can find all ten of these books at the Oak Park Public Library or our school library. “The action is great, and it never slows down which means this series is never boring.” “ Halt,(the ranger that apprenticed Will) is phenomenal in some many ways, I even look up to him because of how he always knows what to do.” “This is an easy 9.5 out of 10 star rating!”

The Perilous JourneyTrenton Lee StewardBy Will V.

HelloThe Mysterious Benedict Society, (a society made up of kids that help stop the evil genius, Mr. Curtain) returns with yet another epic, awesome, exciting adventure. As a surprise, Mr. Benedict and Number Two embark on a secret trip leaving a scavenger hunt as they go for their friends Kate, Renny, Constance and Sticky to decode. Suddenly, evil, Mr. Curtain, kidnaps them with yet another horrible plan to take over the world. He sends a message threatening to kill those six friends. In order to save their friends’ lives the evil M
r. Curtain gives them only four short days to find information about a dangerous plant that could put entire cities to sleep. Will the Mysterious Benedict Society once again save the day or will their friends meet a awful demise? Check out The Perilous Journey at the Holmes Library to find out. Many people, like Matthew and Will have said that it’s a book with surprising twists,it deserves 8 out of 10 stars and it’s awesome.

BeyondersBy: Brandon Mull Review by Will V.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to find yourself in another world? In this book there are two unique worlds, Earth and Lyrian. In Lyrain, Earth people are known as Beyonders. And Jason after falling into a hippo pit in a zoo where he worked and crosses to Lyrian from Earth reaches the secretive The Repository of Learning. Even knowing that reading a certain book is not allowed to be read he hopes that it contains information about how to return to his world. But instead it contains a syllable of the word of power that can destroy the emperor which marks him for death. Meeting up with Gallorean and Rachel, he and Rachel (another Beyonder) equip themselves for the adventure. He sets on a quest to learn the word of power and stop Maldor’s tyranny. He meets all kinds of diverse characters with all sorts of unique powers along his exciting journey.
Beyonders.jpegYou can get this unbelievable book by checking it at Oak Park Public Library.

There are three books in the series and you can also get the second book, Rebellion and the third book this Spring.
Will F answered that his theme is very interesting and you can't pull your self away!
Will F says his favorite character is Galleroan because even though he is blind, he is still an unrealistic sword fighter.

Flora and Ulyssusby Kate DiCamillo
Review by: Joseph M.

Flora & Ulysses.jpg

To sum the book up, it is about a girl named Flora that tries to save a squirrel. Her mom vacuumed the squirrel. Will they make it or not?