Eating a Sandwich
By Atsuto

If you want to eat a sandwich, you better read the rule.
If you eat a sandwich, you better compare the two.
If you pick sand-w-i-t-c-h you’re good to go.
But sand-w-i-t-c-h is hot.
So good at all!
It has sandy sand instead of lettuce, and you won't believe it.
The is roasted witch instead of steak!

So don’t eat a sand-witch!

Birdie in the Sky

By: Violet Allgood

I saw a birdie in the sky
Just now learning how to fly
Flapping his wings up and down
Flying instead of falling to the ground
He made it safely back to the nest
Just in time for him to take a rest
He closed his eyes and said “Bye Bye”

Falling asleep happy he can fly.

Lazy but Crazy
By: Violet and Ellie K.

My mom has a hat
she named it bat
My dad is a cat
and his name is matt
My sister likes cheese
she also likes to sneeze
My brother has a rat
who is kind of fat
I am lazy
but also kind of CRAZY!!!!!

I Stubbed my Toe
By: Violet Allgood

I stubbed my toe and it started to blow
A man said sup and a vo
lcano blew up
I climbed a rope with oh so much hope
I held on tight so someone could measure my height

Then I fell and stubbed my toe

Oh, Cats!
By Sophia

Oh cats!
Why do they
Scratch, scratch, scratch
They scratch the
Couch they scratch
The londry!
Oh why do

Scratch, Scratch, Scratch

Bob the Fat, Ugly Slob
By: Kathy & Nora

There once was a man named Bob
He was a fat, ugly slob
He didn’t have a job

He absolutely hated corn on the cob
He lived in an apartment, dark and grey
He lived on the bad side of the town’s bay
It was never a sunny day
On the other side of the run-down bay

The next day he went to a bar
He paid $2.99 for a grilled gar
And got in his brown dirty car
And crashed into a golf player shooting a par

He was arrested and put in jail
They forced him to eat green frail kale
After that, he received some blackmail
He finally got enough money to bail

He decided to start working out
Though sometimes he wanted to pout
When he finally became fit
He choked on a peach pit

The red lights flashed as he was rushed to the emergency room
But sadly he choked to his doom
The last object he saw was a spoon
Before he met his doom

Now kids, do not act like Bob
Get a good job
And don’t become a fat, ugly, slob
Like Bob

The Kangaroo
by Emi B.

There once was a man who lived in a kangaroo.
Everytime he sneezed, he went “ACHOO”!
Then there was a woman, who lived in his shoe!
Everytime she sneezed, the man went “Who are you?”
Little did they know, they were in a zoo.
There was a funny thing they liked to do.
They liked to scream and go “Boom, Boom, Boom!”
Then one frightful night, everyone stood in fright!
On that night, the man with the kangaroo and the woman were gone!
Where to?...Look around... Behind you!

What Do Animals Eat?
By: Willa A.

Hippos eat moose,
Pandas eat goose,
Dogs eat hogs,
Turtles eat frogs,
Fish eat hands,
Kittens eat rubber bands,
Squids eat flags,
Lions eat tags,
Koalas eat books,
Kangaroos eat hooks,
Penguins eat pens,
and leopards eat hens!

The End

Class Class ClassBy Ella Reynolds
Class ClassClass the wonderfulClass thereAre books to readFriends to meetHow wonderfulCan classReally be

A PoemBy Joseph
Holmes School is really funNo one thinks it's dumbBecause it is so so funYou'd better runBecause Holmes SchoolIs really really funYou laugh and playAnd have aFantastic day!

Nightby Delany Cherikos
The sun is down,It's dark.There are stars in the sky.

I Had A Cat
By: Deo & Will

I had a cat, he ate a rat
I had a dog, but he looked like a hog
I had a fish, and he buried a dish
I had a cow, he said meow
I had a whale, his name was Gale
I had a clam, he died
Aw, man!

by Avaa Ruffer

Dear wind, dear rain, please come to me,
For the one I need.
For the soft wind and for the soft clouds.
When the sun is out I go to the pool and the beach,
When it’s cloudy I still have fun, I play outside on the playground.
For all the kinds of weather.

Day and Night

external image 138_1033028-W.jpg
By Kiersten Ruiz-Coburn

The day and night shine bright as the noon fallen

as I touch the sun and the moon as the brightness of the sun

And the lightness brother moon brings to us.

The dusk of dawn and the light so bright and now they rule together the day and night.

mateo reyes

The vampire opens his eyes as he steps sleepily,

Out of his dark cobweb-covered coffin,

Into the bright daylight,

Hissing hysterically,

Melting rapidly,



mateo reyes

The cow goes moo,


It gets abducted,


Gets let go,

Eats grass,