Kindergarteners: First Trimester

By: Vivienne Lisak and Mary Olszowka

Everyone has a different interpretation about their kindergarten years. Most of us think that kindergarten was easy now, but some kids have a very rough time just thinking about it. We interviewed a bunch of kindergarteners to hear their opinions. Here’s what we got:
Our first question that we asked, was “do you like coming to school?” We got several different answers, take a look:
“Yes! I like coming to school, because we have time for free choice.”
“Yes. Because it's fun, I learn more things.”
“No, because I get really tired.”
“Yes, because I can learn new things.”

Our next question was, “What is your favorite thing that you have learned so far?” Again, we got very different opinions. See for yourself:
“I learned how to participate in writing center. I like it because, I can write stories and color.”
“The word “can”. I like that word because it starts with a c.”
“Math. My favorite thing that I learned was 50+50= 100.”
“How to read, because reading is fun.”

Here is our next question: “If you could change one thing about school, what would it be?” It was very interesting to see what the kindergarteners would change. Check it out:
“I’d like to play some more Spanish games in Spanish class.”
“I would change the amount of times I have art. I want to have art everyday!”
“I would like to change Spanish to English because not everyone knows how to speak Spanish or English.” .
“I would like to have free choice all day.”
Then we asked, “Do you have any homework?” Take a look:
“Yes. I have to do Lexia. It is a fun English learning game. I also have to read a book sometimes.”
“Yes. I have to do Lexia. I have to do it once a week.”
It seemed that all the kindergarteners had the same homework.

Our last question was, “Have you taken any tests?” This is what we found out:
“I like taking tests! I've only taken one or two though.”
“Yes. I've taken an eye test.”
“Yes. I've taken a hearing test.”
“No. I've never taken a educational test.”

From the interview, we have come to believe that the kindergarteners are having mixed opinions on the first trimester of school. We are excited to see the kindergarteners progress in school. There are many questions. Will their opinions change? Will they change positively or negatively?