Womens' v.s. Mens' SoccerBy: Natalia Contreras

All over the world women always fight for equality against males. One of these fights involve inequality against womens' vs. mens' soccer. During the Women’s World Cup, the champions earned far less than the champions for the men's World Cup. It was also forced to be played on turf, a surface much more hazardous than natural grass. Finally, women soccer players are payed much less for their profession than the male players. Overall, women's soccer pay and play are almost always inferior to men.
During the summers of 2014 and 2015, Brazil and Canada held one of the most important soccer events all over the globe: The Men’s and Women’s World Cups. Despite the U.S. National Women’s team taking home their 3rd World Cup win, they still earned less than 1/15 of the prize money that the Men’s World Cup champions received. The German champs of the 2014 Men’s World Cup received $35 million in prize money, whereas the women's team received $2 million. “They work just as hard as the men’s teams, and they deserve the same amount of money,” says Grayce Riccio, 5th grader with 4 years of soccer experience. What is even more shocking is that the 16 men's teams that were eliminated in the first round of the competition received 8 million dollars. The United States National Men's team received 9 million dollars for finishing 11th in the tournament.
The women's teams have actually gotten a boost involving prize money in recent years. Teams that won the tournament in 2007 and 2011 only received 1 million for their victory. Prior to 2007, no money was rewarded at all from FIFA for being crowned champions.
Not only is the prize money unequal and unfair, the Women's World Cup was forced to play on artificial turf, which is far more hazardous than the natural grass that the men's teams play on for most of all the major competitions. Artificial turf is a culprit for increasing injuries on the sports fields, including more sprained ankles, concussions, and turf burns. Overheating is also a health problem many players experience, since the little rubber pebbles found in turf tend to heat up in hot temperatures (especially since temperatures increase during the summer) making the artificial turf fields significantly hotter than the natural grass fields. Finally, altering the speed and quality of play is a main effect of playing on these types of fields. “I think that’s a bad idea because turf has a higher risk of getting injuries and its harder to play on turf than grass because the ball moves faster. It’s also not as natural to play on turf than to play on grass,” says Violet Allgood, soccer player. With all this being said, it's no surprise how gender discrimination is being applied when forcing the Women's World Cup to be played on artificial turf.
Lastly, women's’ salaries are significantly less than their male counterparts. Part of this reason is because women's and men's teams are paid differently, with the women receiving a base salary ($72,000), and a bonus for each win ($1,350), while the men receive a per-game bonus ($5,000), along with receiving another bonus for each win ($3,166), according to the New York Times. Soccer player Michael Bradley of Toronto F.C. earns $6 million just for his club, but the maximum salary in the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) is $126,000, far less than a male player who plays in the Major League Soccer league, essentially the male version of the NWSL. The United States international soccer teams also face injustices, despite the women's team providing far better performance than the men. Both international teams must also play 20 international friendlies, where countries face each other with no intended reward. Even if the women's team wins all 20 games and receives a $99,000 salary (including the bonus), the men's team will still earn about twice what the women's earn if they lose 10 games, but only in bonuses. “It seems really unfair and discouraging to women's soccer players, along with young girls,” says Kathryn Matoka, 5th grader.
As a conclusion, it is clear that many areas of women’s soccer, including pay, playing surfaces, and differences in prize money they receive in tournaments, is far less and inferior to the men of the game. It is a major injustice, but the women will keep fighting for the equality they deserve.

By Trevor

Spacex rocket launch.jpg

What is Spacex?
Spacex is a company created by the head of Tesla,and overall genius Elon Musk. Spacex, and Elon Musk signed a 1.6 billion dollar contract with NASA to send supplies to the ISS or International Space Station. They are based in Hawthorne, California,and were founded in 2002. Tej Menon says “It’s very cool because of all the space stuff, and it is innovating the world.”

Falcon Heavy
When this rocket launches it will officially be the fastest rocket to ever launch in the history of rocket launching. The rocket weighs 117,000 pounds,which is equivalent to a 737 jetliner filled with crew,and passengers. This rocket uses 27 engines to fly, and all combined engines,and all the FALCON Heavy costed a small 90 million dollars.

Cape Canaveral.jpg
Launch Facilities
Spacex has 4 different launch centers spread across the southern U.S. Two centers are used by NASA being the Kennedy Space Center,and the Cape Canaveral space center. The other two are not NASA owned one is in Boca Chica,Texas,and the other is the Vandenberg U.S Air Force base in California. All four of these centers are used for different launchs by SPACEX.

Elon Musk’s SPACEX company is a groundbreaking step into exploring space. SPACEX has many more launches to come. SPACEX someday may change the space exploring world.


BY TREVOR(with help by Hank Mickus and William Leshnock)
Now I know what you're thinking...but it isn’t gumballs, but it is awesome cars on an awesome road trip! The Gumball Rally is a fundraiser for the Gumball 3000 fashion, and entertainment company. The event is televised on MTV to over one hundred million people on week of the rally.They go around countries in Europe and America,and this year they are heading to Dublin to Istanbul. William Leshnock says “It's cool to watch cars drive on great roads to different places and more.” and Hank Mickus says “ It would be a great experience.”

GumBall Rally.jpg

The Awesomeness
The Gumball Rally has the best cars on the best roads in the world. Each car is part of a team which is made of two people in one car or multiple cars and each car has has its own awesome paint job. Here’s an example below. This rally has the best cars in the world,and rarest cars to like the Aston Martin One 77...only 77 were made.

Maximillion Cooper
The whole idea was started by a man by the name of Maximillion Cooper. His dream was to combine cars,fashion,and entertainment into one event,and so the Gumball Rally was introduced in 1999 to the world..and they loved it. Since then the Gumball Rally has gone on,and hopefully will never stop. William Leshnock quoted the Gumball 3000 as “Awesomeness”,and Hank Mickus said “It's a great idea”.

F12 SWAG.jpg

Team Wolfpack
Team Wolfpack is a big team in the Gumball Rally,they have 6 cars including a Mclaren MP-4,a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta,an Audi R8 with their own awesome paint jobs. They are really amazing. The team has 11 drivers spread out across their 6 cars with 2 divers from their sister team Montreal 41 Racing.TEAM WOLFPACK 458.jpg

Team Purrari
Team Purrari is run by DJ Deadmau5 (pronounced Deadmouse),and Tory Belleci, or Tory from Mythbusters. They drive Deadmau5’s Ferrari 458 spider,or “Purrari 458”. They have competed in the 2014 rally,and last year marked his second Gumball,but it is still questionable if he will return for his third this year. At the 2014 rally he won the coveted “Spirit of the Gumball” award for the team who shows the best spirit through the rally. He has recently sold his Purrari,and has bought a Lamborghini Huracan,and has named it the “Nyanborghini Purracan”,and has put his trademark Nyan Cat paint job.

%22PURARRI 458%22.jpgPURARRI P1 real.jpg

Overall the Gumball Rally is an exciting,and cool event that happens annually every year. With great cars,and great roads,going through the most beautiful countries the Gumball Rally can't be beaten.

Entering fee of 100k or
partner with Betsafe
2016 Rally May 3-6
3000 miles Istanbul to Dublin
Goldrush Rally Boston (May 13-21
Modball Rally Europe Next
(July 25-June 1)

THX to

March MadnessBy: Ethan Armstead
Have you ever heard about march madness? It's a fun thing to do with your family. If you like basketball, well you’re in for a real treat. March madness is where you watch a bunch of college basketball games. But before you do all of that, you fill out a bracket of what team you want to win, and who you want to go to the championship. many people like attending march madness games. Even the president of the united states is doing it. That's not all, when you play, the more predictions you get of who will beat who, the more money (or whatever you are playing for) you will get. That’s right, when you play with your family, you can (if you want) bet money. But be careful, you can lose more money than you win.


Kathryn Matoka
Every four years, the Summer Olympics takes place. And every four years, it continues to stun. From swimming to archery to badminton, the Olympics have them all. In 2012, over 10,000 athletes and 205 countries participated in the Summer Olympics. The outcome is expected to be even greater this year. This year they will be held in Rio De Janeiro, from the 5th to the 21st of August. The Olympics first started on April 6, 1896; and will hopefully continue for many more years.

The Olympics are all about honoring athletes, specifically their effort, determination, team, country, and skill. The Olympics include around 200 countries, and include athletes from most of the continents. The Olympic rings stand for just that, all the areas of the world that participate in the Olympics, (the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe.) The Olympics include: aquatic sports, archery, athletics, badminton, basketball, boxing, canoe, cycling, equestrian, fencing, football, golf, gymnastics, handball, hockey, judo, modern pentathlon, rowing, rugby, sailing, shooting, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, triathlon, volleyball, weightlifting, and wrestling. The Olympics honor sports and athletes from most continents, and feature different cultures.

Although the Olympics feature several thousands of athletes, and America alone is bringing over 500 athletes, certain athletes stand out from the bunch. For instance Michael Phelps, USA, has swum in the 2004, 2008, 2012 Summer Olympics; acquired 22 Olympic medals, 18 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze; and is considered one of the most successful Olympians of all time. Talk about a stellar athlete. Usain Bolt, on the Jamaican team, is also considered one of the greats. He was the track and field star of both the 2008, and 2012 Summer Olympics, with 6 gold medals.

The athletes are certainly the stars of the Olympics, but let’s not forget about the sports. Popular sports this year include trampoline, football (soccer), and handball. Natalia Contreras is most excited to watch handball, “It is a new sport to me and it looks interesting and fun to play and watch.” Some kids also would like an opportunity to go to the Olympics. I asked Sonia Gutierrez if she had a chance to go to the Olympics what sport she would like to play. She replied, “I would want to do pole vault, because it looks fun and exciting.” Overall, there are definitely fan favorites in athletes and sports.

Let’s not forget about the equally important Paralympics though. The Paralympics are for athletes with disabilities. The Paralympics feature much of the same sports, some completely different, and many adapted popular sports. The Paralympic athletes are equally if not more impressive. In fact, Oscar Pistorius is sometimes considered the fastest man of all time. He is the first athlete to compete in both the Paralympic and Olympic games. Trischa Zorn is the most successful Paralympian of all time. Throughout seven games, she won a staggering 55 swimming medals. Including 41 golds, nine silvers, and 5 bronze. She held multiple world records, two of which still stand, eight years after she last competed.

In the last Summer Olympics, USA had the most total medals; 104: 46 gold, 29 silver, 29 bronze. They were trailed by China; 88, 38 gold, 24 silver, 23 bronze; and Russia; 82, 24 gold, 26 silver, 32 bronze. All of the athletes in the 2012 olympics were outstanding, hard-working, and all-around impressive. All who contributed to the 2012 and 2016 Summer Olympics should be proud, and all the athletes will continue to astound and be astounded.

The Olympics don’t just produce admirable athletes, they also inspire equally important organizations, such as the Special Olympics. The Special Olympics provide year-round athletic training to adults and children with disabilities. Another organization inspired by the Olympics are the Transplant Games. The Transplant Games are for those who have undergone life-saving transplant surgeries. They signify the importance of organ, eye, and tissue donation. The Olympics are more than just a sports competition, they are a role-model, an eye-opener, and an inspiration.
Official Website Link:


All About Formula One
by Trevor R
F1 CAR.jpg

IntroFormula One is a racing series mainly in Europe and Asia with one race in Mexico and one in Austin, Texas. This series has been around since 1950. The cars are very high-tech, light, and very, very fast, quick, and aerodynamic. That means to cut through the wind as smoothly as possible. And if you like crashes, F1 has some great ones.

TechnologyFormula One cars are very technical with many mechanical parts that work in perfect harmony. Like DRS (Drag Reduction System), a part of the rear downforce wing that senses a part of the track and opens a part by itself to make the car faster to pass a driver ahead. Every part works perfectly most of the time, and took years to invent the technology used today. All the cars are made of carbon-fiber, the lightest material currently possible.

Massive SPEED!!!

Formula One cars have a perfect combo of aerodynamics, weight, and technical parts that make an F1 car go 226 miles per hour at Mexico! F1 cars being they are that fast, the engines are quite big, and the top stretches to above the driver's head. They also have many parts, and if they go wrong the engine totally blows up. Specs.
  • 2.4 liter engineBeast-Mode Engine.jpg
  • V8
  • Naturally caught air for the engine, for spark explosion. (naturally aspirated
  • Renault engine produces 850 hp.
Some of these specs like "naturally aspirated" means simply that the air for the engine is natural air, which means the engine doesn't have to create its own air. V8 means the engine has 8 cylinders, and basically ends up making more power. This is a picture of the 2015 Renault F1 engine.

What an F1 Car Does to Your Body
Cockpit temperatures in the driver's seat can reach up to 120°f, and the driver’s heartbeat can reach 170-175 bpm. The cockpit is an intense place, it rattles you, and shakes your body. It can even make you sick. The car has so much power, and is so quick, a bad crash can be deadly, and has claimed the lives of racing legends like the 3 time world champion, and arguably the best driver in the world Ayrton Senna (pictured right).

F1 is an exciting sport and is on NBC sports every Sunday next year. This year has ended, Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes is world champion. Formula One has the perfect combination of speed, excitement, and humor.

Banned Heading for Youth Players
By: Natalia Contreras

All over the United States is both agreement and disagreement in this abrupt move in youth soccer. On November 10, 2015, the U.S. Soccer Federation banned heading the ball for players 10 and under, while ages 11-13 are only allowed to head in games, not practice.

However, this rule doesn't apply to all leagues in the United States. Only teams that are under the support of the U.S. Soccer Federation, including all youth national teams, academies, and Major League Soccer youth teams, will include this rule when playing. Although it isn’t mandatory, this rule is recommended for other leagues, but many already ban headers for children under 10.

As you could expect, many people have different opinions about this new rule. Some say that this was a good change, as many kids are getting concussions and head injuries. Alfredo Contreras, youth soccer parent, says, “Yes, I think this rule is a good rule to enforce because it will prevent head injuries in young boys and girls.” Nearly 50,000 high school players experienced concussions in 2010, more than baseball, softball, basketball, and wrestling combined. Meanwhile, 30.3% of concussions for middle school female players were caused by headers. Others say this can affect how kids improve in the game, as kids are now learning to use their feet more than their body.

There are also as many negative comments as there are positive. Tej Menon, 5th grader with 8 years of soccer experience, says, “Not many kids at our age head the ball, and if they do, they know how to head it,” and,“It’s also a main part of soccer because it takes away opportunities to score from freekicks and corners.” Amelia Kansa, 5th grader, has similar thoughts to share, “I think that they should be allowed because not many children can head, or kick it hard enough to get a concussion from heading.”

One of the main reasons this rule was applied was to prevent as many injuries and make soccer a safe and exciting sport so more kids would want to participate. But even with this new rule, it doesn’t prevent us to still go out there and play!

Wild Card Game images-2.jpg

Kathryn Matoka & Sonia Gutierrez
On October 7, 2015 the Chicago Cubs played the Pittsburgh Pirates in the National League Central division Wild Card game. The two teams played at the PNC park in Pittsburgh. The winner would play against the St. Louis Cardinals. Many Cubs fans were excited for the game since Chicago barely gets to play in the postseason. The Pirates however, had a slight advantage since they had 98 wins where the Cubs only had 97. We interviewed Mr. Williams to see what he thought about the game. These are our questions and his answers.

  • What did you think about how the game was played?

“The game was really great, the Cubs really let them have it, A lot of the younger guys on the Cubs team really came up full of fire, boy they we’re ready to go into that world series, unfortunately that didn’t happen. I really thought they were going to the world series."

  • Were you surprised on how the game turned out; did you think it would end differently?

“No, I was real happy about how the game turned out,”

  • Who were you rooting for?

“I was rooting for the Cubs!”

  • What were you most surprised about in the game?

“How well the Cubs played the ball and how many home runs they got.”

  • How far did you think the Cubs would go after they won the game? Did they go farther than you thought?

“I thought they were going all the way to the world series so I was kinda of like disappointed when they didn’t.”

  • What was your favorite play made?
“I think it was when the Cubs got that double play to end the game”

Battle of the NFC North
By Ezra Plotkin and Roman Pantazopoulos
The NFC north has been a close battle. The Lions and Bears can’t make the playoffs due to their horrible start to the season. The Packers have a 9-4 record and the Vikings have a 8-5 record, but they are still in it, due to the last season of the game. The Packers beat the Vikings earlier in the year, which is a big boost. For the next games, the Packers play the Raiders, Cardinals, and then the fnal game against the Vikings. The Vikings play the Bears, the Giants, and then of course the Packers.
The Packers are also working for a first round bye (if they win the division). The Panthers have already clinched the first one, and the Cardinals are two games ahead of the Packers for the second one. The Packers need to win two games (including one against the Cardinals) and the Packers need the Cardinals to lose two games (including one against the Packers).
Many people think that the Packers are going to win the division. For example William Leshnock (a fifth grader at Holmes) said "The Packers will win the division, because Teddy Bridgewater doesn't have what it takes to defeat Aaron Rodgers." Many people agree with William, but some have different reasoning. Nainoa Ohata thinks the Packers will win because they have experienced talent, but Nicholas Amstutz (another fifth grader at Holmes) thinks otherwise. He says "The Packers aren't playing as well as I know they can so I think the Vikings will win." Ian Boggs agrees that the Vikings will win, but for a different reason. He says that they will win because they have younger talent.
In conclusion, the Packers and the Vikings are neck and neck in the race for the division, and right now, it is anyone's game.

Blackhawk Prediction 2015
By Nicholas and Tej

On June 26th through the 27th the 2015 NHL draft took place. During this two day period the blackhawks drafted many new prospects. Some of these people being Graham Knott, Ryan Shea, and Nick Schmaltz. There were also many trades including the well publicised Sharp/Jones for Daley/Garbutt. Along with the trades there were also many new prospects that might have a lot more ice time this year including Teravainen.
To get a second opinion F.Y.I. interviewed several blackhawks fans about trades and prospects. We had mixed opinions about the Patrick Sharp trade. One of our interviewees said, “We needed that trade. He was over salary cap and he is getting old. He needed 6 million. We also got two decent players out of it.” We also asked about the questionable Saad\Paliotta\Broadhurst trade. When asked Simon Ruff said, “Well, I don’t think they needed that because they kept Bickell who needed 4 million, and Saad asked for at least 4 million so they could have traded Bickell.”
Many might consider trading Patrick Sharp a huge mistake. There were several reasons behind the trade. First with Sharp and Jones on the team the salary cap was far exceeded and Sharp was getting old on top of it. Also the team was needing new prospects to replace their team’s older players. In the end we got two players (Dalley and Garbutt) for Sharp and Jones.
While Chicago had some questionable trades I think we can all agree that overall chicago has a good team prospect wise.

By owen and shaw

BY SHAW MOLINA edited by owen willoughby

The NHL playoffs so far have been exciting for some and others have had their dreams crushed. The Ducks are the only team so far into the next round of the playoffs. they swept the series 4-0 and broke Winnipeg hearts The BlackHawks are one game away from making it into the next round with a 1-3 score. As well as the Canadiens and the rangers and the Flames . The Capitals and Islanders are tied in there series 2-2 as well as the Blues and the Wild. Most likely the blues and the Capitals will make it through. In the next round if these predictions stay up then the Ducks and the Flames as well as the Blues and the BlackHawks will battle in the West Coast side and the Canadians and RedWings and the Rangers and the Capitals will battle for the East Side. Luke says “That the Canadians will win it all because they are over all an amazing team, he thinks that the only team that will stand in there way is the BlackHawks.”Overall it is super exciting and we can’t wait for the next games to come.

The Wild VS. BlackHawks

The second to last round of the NHL playoffs for the west coast round. in the opening game the blackhawks scored 3 in the opening period, but the wild weren't done they scored 3 off the bat in the 2nd period. The BlackHawks in the final seconds of the 2nd period managed to score one and hold off the wild in the 3rd period for a win. Then in the next game the blackhawks pummeled the wild 4 to 1, the hawks scored 2 in the 3rd and 2 in the 2nd and the wild only managed to score one in the 3rd so sad to bad. "It's something you always dream about," trevevin said said. in the 3rd game the hawks just win one to nothing in the xcel energy center in st. paul minnesota.

Ducks VS Flames
owen and shaw

The duck were right in business in the opening game cruising absolutely pummeling the flames 6 to 1 scoring 2 in each period then the flames scored what ever. In the next game the ducks again pummeled them wing 3 to nothing and scoring 1 in the 1st and 2 in the 3rd. It looked like it was going to be a long series for the flames. The Flames managed to have their first lead in their series and only their second goal in their series. but then the ducks strike back almost in no time at all. Then the flames score the equalizer in the second period, Then the ducks scored again to pull ahead. then with 6 min left in the 3rd the flames ge denied a controversial goal, but did it get past the line. with a minute left the flames go an empty net and it looked like the duck were going to win. Then with 26 seconds left flames seem to pull it off and score and take it into overtime. Finally 6 minutes in, the flames score the stunner goal from just inside the blue the flames put the puck in the corner and stun all of anaheim.

MLB Standings
By Haydn Mahoney
National League

  1. Cardinals
  2. Cubs
  3. Reds
  4. Pirates
  5. Brewers
  1. Mets
  2. Braves
  3. Nationals
  4. Marlins
  5. Phillies
  1. Dodgers
  2. Padres
  3. Giants
  4. Diamondbacks
  5. Rockies

American League

  1. Royals
  2. Tigers
  3. Twins
  4. White Sox
  5. Indians
  1. Astros
  2. Angels
  3. Athletics
  4. Rangers
  5. Mariners
  1. Yankees
  2. Rays
  3. Blue Jays
  4. Orioles
  5. Red Sox

Baseball :)

Baseball is Starting Up Again
By Haydn M

The Cubs have won a lot of games and lost a few games, but that’s better than they’ve done in the past. Both games were against the Cardinals, they lost the first then came back. A new Cubs player, Jorge Soler is amazing, in one of his first games he hit a Homer and a Triple against the Reds. And Their new pitcher Jon Lester is great, he was traded from the Red Sox, one of the Cubs’ rivals. Shaw says. “I think they’re amazing!”. A lot of these new players are new and just came to the MLB, some were traded to the Cubs, and some moved up from the Minors. The Cubs have picked up a few awesome rookies and some great experienced players to put them back in the game. Micah, a 5th grader says “ I think they’re doin’ pretty good, especially compared to past years”. Now its time for the Cubs new debut.
Sites: ESPN, YouTube

The Cubs are Off to a Good Start
By Haydn M
The Cubs have won a lot of games and lost a few games, but that’s better than they've done in the past. its clear the Cubs are a lot better this year and personally I think it's long overdue. A lot of it is because the Cubs new guys. A new Cubs player, Jorge Soler is amazing, in one of his first games he hit a Homer and a Triple against the Reds. And Their new pitcher Jon Lester is great, he was traded from the Red Sox, one of the Cubs’ rivals. Kris Bryant the cubs new third baseman, is fantastic in the field and a monster at the plate with more than one homerun already he is a great new addition to the Cubs. A lot of these new players are new and just came to the MLB, some were traded to the Cubs, and some moved up from the Minors. Micah, a 5th grader says “ I think they're doin' pretty good, especially compared to past years”. The Cubs have picked up a few awesome rookies and some great experienced players to put them back in the game. Now its time for the Cubs new debut.

By: Shaw M & Owen W & Haydn M
The Patriots got off to an early start but it ended in a Jerome Lane pick, but left the game with a broken wrist. by the end of the 1st quarter no one had scored. It started to heat up in the 2nd quarter, with the Patriots Julian Edelman getting an early TD, but the Seahawks fired back with another Touchdown. Then with 1 minute left in the half the Patriots ROB GRONKOWSKI scored one more the Seahawks had only 31 seconds left, but were at the 11 yard line with 6 seconds left. Would you go for 3 points or all 7 points. Luke Lisnic says, ”It would risky and it could have cost them the game or it could have won them the game."If they went for the field goal which would be wise Luke said it would be 14-10 Pete Carroll choose to tie it and they got a clutch Touchdown in the end 14-14 it's halftime now it’s anyone’s game.”
Halftime Show
Katy Perry performed at the pepsi Super halftime show. her performance shocked everyone. She sang Roar, Dark Horse, Firework, and California Girls. In California Girls. a big story is how the left shark failed he was off completely and wasn't singing and smacked Katy Perry in the face, it seemed as though the left shark was trying to do the exact opposite of what told to do. Allison said ”I loved the left shark.” In dark horse the effects were quite pleasing as though it looked like the chess pieces were standing o very high columns over the ground.
The second half was shocking in the opening drive the Seahawks took the lead with a Steven Hauschka field goal then maxwell beats Darrell Revis and gives the Seahawks a 10 point lead Lavor Linsey said "the Seahawks were probably going to win after that”. The Pats weren’t done yet ROB GRONKOWSKI scores a ultimate touchdown then Julian Edelman scores its 28-24 he might just have won the Super Bowl but Jermaine Kearse catches an amazing miracle catch like the one in Super Bowl 42 when the Giants catch a helmet catch to win the game was it over? They were at the 5 when Marshawn Lynch runs to the one yard line then with one timeout and 20 second they PASS IT!?!?!?!? WHAT were they thinking seriously Pete Carroll, come on man!?!?!?!

Someone"s not happy they lost the Superbowl

"Sports." Http:www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2935356/Fans-arrive-Arizona-Super-Bowl-amid-tight-security-authorities-prepare-world-s-biggest-sporting-event.html//. Dailymail, 4 Feb. 2015. Web. 4 Mar. 2015. <http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailymail.co.uk%2Fnews%2Farticle-2935356%2FFans-arrive-Arizona-Super-Bowl-amid-tight-security-authorities-prepare-world-s-biggest-sporting-event.html>.

Wild card weekend

Cardinals at Panthers

By Shaw M

This game should have been over in the first half but the Panthers had some miscues in the first quarter the panthers muffed a punt resulting in a Cardinals touchdown. Then in the second Cam Newton threw interception which resulted in a Cardinals touchdown at halftime the score was 14-10 Cardinals in the third it was only panthers they scored 17 points then in the fourth the cards couldn't come back only could get a safety 27 - 16

By Shaw M

The first quarter was all lions golden Tate made it 7-0 then Joique Bell ran for a touchdown on a drive that started at their own 1/4 yard line the in the second Terrence Williams had a catch and run for a 76 yard touchdown then the lions scored a field goal before half time at half it was 17- 7 but on the first play of the Lions drive Stanford threw a interception but the Cowboys got no points as Dan Bailey missed a 41 yard field goal which led to a Lions field goal 20-7 at the end of the third it looked slim for the Cowboys to comeback but on the next drive they scored a touchdown then they settled for a field goal it was 20-17 and 3rd and 1 for the Lions if they got it game over but it was incomplete but what should have been a pass interference it was turn down then

Packers and Seahawks

4th Quarter Comeback

By Owen W

After third Quarter ended the score was 16 to 0 the Seahawks were down by 16 by the Packers. Then things started to change. when the Packers rookie number 86 missed the onside kick by the Seahawks and bobbled it to the Seahawks to start off their comeback. Russell Wilson scored the Seahawks their first touchdown this game when he ran 1yd for their first touchdown this game. then after going into overtime Russell Wilson threw a 35 yd Touchdown pass to Jermaine Kearse to finish off their 28 point gain in the 4th and 3rd quarter for their win. Nzube says that “I think that it was sad how the Packers lost in the last five minutes, and the Seahawks were awesome coming back from 16 to 0.” Luke said sarcastically,” I think that Maxwell did a GREAT job of catching that onside kick.” Also bostick messed up on the kick. Why would you put a third string tight end on the hands team?!


Shaw M and Haydn M

It’s time for the 2015 Super Bowl, who will win, the challengers, the Patriots or the reigning champions, the Seahawks. Some people are with the Seahawks some with the Patriots. However there is a rumor that the Patriots cheated, they say that the ball was deflated so it was easier to catch. 11 balls were deflated by 2 pounds. It could be on purpose and they cheated or was it a complete accident.In the it all comes down to really two players, Richard Sherman or Tom Brady. Luke Lisnic, a fifth grader says “I’m rooting for the Patriots, but I honestly think the Seahawks are going to win,” One other matchup that will be key is Rob Gronkowski and Kam Chancellor. Which team is really better we’ll just see in the 2015 SUPER BOWL XLIX!

The Super Bowl
By Mary R Olszowska

Touchdown New England!
Touchdown Seattle!
It was 5:45 when the was starting to get interesting
and everyone was waiting for halftime
Katy Perry was amazing!
At the end of the game the Patriots won at 28-24